Thursday, December 20, 2007

I don't know. I guess it bugs me when people run around 'God-izing' everything negative which happens to them. You know, when they blame God for their own sins, mistakes and failures. (A tad like the sign I saw in a fix-it shop once: "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.")

I'm not sure how it is where you live, but around my house, it goes like this:

Most of the time, if we are in debt, it's because Tom and/or I made some lousy financial choices.

And mostly, if Tom and I aren't feeling close to God, it's because we're ignoring Him and spending no quality time with Him.

And if we're unhappy with where we are in Life, it's because--when God showed us where to go--we chose a whole other route.

And if Tom and I aren't getting along it's because one or both of us is acting selfish.

And if we're suffering in certain areas most likely it's because we're fighting God on the changes He wants to make inside us. And not just giving-in and dying to self, after which the suffering stops. (Ever seen a dead person sit up and complain? Or throw a tantrum?)

As for me, I refuse to blame God for my bad/sad/mad days/months/years. And I will not put a 'spiritual label' on the hard times I bring upon myself or slap a Bible verse on them to justify my misery.

I will not credit God for my own poor choices. There's just too much of that going on already.


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree that we cannot blame God for our own poor choices...or even those of people around us. But plenty of scripture also tells us that we will be tried, so HE can see if we are really what we think we are...or try to make HIM think we are... I never used to see those verses...but at this point in my life, I can understand why to some degree. It is like when we love someone, we may put a few little tests out there from time to time, to see if things are as we think they are. But the tests we are allowed are there to help make us stronger, purify us and into the kind of person HE wants us to be (remember the comparisons to purifying gold, silver, etc). Not always easy to see that in the midst of a trial...but often looking back we can see it. Or so it seems to me. I do see that HE longs for us to trust HIM in every way and to be in communion with us. We are indeed privilged that HE has chosen us and sought us out!! We do need to focus more and more on HIM...that is the way to be content!!

Oh and by the way, not all tests might be seen as tests either. While we were at a recent meeting and a bit later than we meant to be, and hurrying inside the bldg. a man dressed in overalls...yes, in overalls, clean though NOT NEW, rather old...engaged us in conversation. We chatted a bit as we hurried inside...later I did not see him there...and wondered...was this a small test to see how we would treat someone who obviously was not well off?...we do not feel we are either, but in comparison we were dressed to the fact, I so wished I had dressed more simply. I hasten to add...the dress I wore cost about $20...worth lots more, but I shop that way...but the person looking on would not know that! But it has stayed in my mind..."Lord, were we friendly enough, accepting enough of this person...were we more hurried than we should have been...did we treat him as YOU would have?" I hope so...that was the intent...and I still think it was a test... well, just a thought!

Maggie Ann said...

Well said, and excellent reminders of 'how it really is' or 'ought to be'. Thanks...

Brian said...

Thanks Debra, I needed to read this at this time. Once again your timing is perfect.

Saija said...

would you believe that i have that exact picture on my dresser ... i've kept it for years and years and years ... it just reminded me of me ... :o)