Saturday, December 01, 2007

On Thursday night Tom and I toured the darlingest little rental house tacked onto the back of a huge old brown home. We felt like newlyweds searching for a nest. Each room was tiny, clean, and I could just picture our 1950's Formica table in the kitchen below the large window with the view of a wall 10 feet away. The two bedrooms made the average prison cell positively spacious, but hey...

We wanted to tell the sweet young landlord at that moment that we'd take this cute place, (only $500 each month, with the heating included), but one aspect we realized would be a huge problem. We'd have to share the driveway with this nice couple, and with Tom's wild and crazy work schedule (and with the tons of snow due and not being able to park on the street) we knew we'd make the landlords insane with a constant game of "musical cars" (you know, like musical chairs).

But alas, it was fun dreaming about this dollhouse and imagining where each piece of our basic furniture would go (ala Laura Ingalls Wilder style in the book where she figured out how best to squeeze her family's furniture into their one-room farmhouse). We'll be storing the vast amount of our belongings in a storage unit during the months we'll be renting, living only with what we deem necessary.

In fact, I think what most excited us was returning to how our lives were 29 years ago as newlyweds. How was life back then? Simple. We owned so few belongings and had few financial responsibilities. Our only complication was learning how to live together peacefully.

But finally, I think we've figured-out how to do that.

So the tiny rental house appeared like a simplicity haven awaiting us and I think that's what brought out our smiles during the short tour. And I was glad, too, that somewhere along the years I became secure enough to not care what friends will think when they discover we're not only renting, but renting (most likely) a teensy place. Years past, my psyche couldn't have handled that. Now? My psyche couldn't care less.

And too, I realized that I won't have to travel to a whole other state in order to experience the new adventure I've craved. At least I feel I can wait some months. Something new and decidedly different will take place in my life right here in our same ol' area when we do find the right rental house. Relearning to adapt to a more serious form of simplicity (while living in a home not mine) will provide enough adventure for awhile, I'm sure.

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Saija said...

it will be fun to see what the Lord has picked out for you!

we enjoyed our 10 months of renting (tho' it was a smelly place because of the HEAVY smokers that had owned it) - definitely an adventure ... now it's been a year that we've owned our little condo ... :o)

blessings on your day!