Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day(!)

"The greatest of these is love..."


Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers!

The sun sparkled across our glass-top table while I filled out my Valentine's last week and I smiled and felt ten-years-old all over again. And who doesn't love that?

All the Valentine's Day bah-humbugs out there! How sad to lose their childlike wonder and delight at simple things and to instead, just spread crabbiness around.

Oh dear. You have my permission to just shoot me if I ever go there, ok?

I mean, Tom is thousands of miles away and may not be able to Skype with me today at all, due to a field trip he's taking with co-workers to an animal park. (Update: he did call. The trip will be tomorrow.) He did wish me a happy Valentine's Day yesterday, though, and that will probably be it. 

Yet am I bummed-out? No way! Life is too short to be bummed-out and living with God is far too incredible and precious and adventurous to sit around whining about what wasn't perfect.

This is what I did instead:

I taped favorite Valentine's from over the years (and two that arrived this week) to my refrigerator, then stepped back and smiled. And felt even more loved than I normally do by You Know Who.

And later I'll order delivery from a nearby pizza place for chicken fingers (my favorite) and give a big tip to the sweet delivery girl and I'll watch Flying Wild Alaska episodes again. Probably I'll read awhile after that(I'm crossing my fingers that the sun will shine across the table this afternoon, for it's snowing now).

And of course, I'll feed the birds. It's what I do.

Most of all on this special day? I'll count my friendship blessings, for there are many, and I'll celebrate the One who fills my normal days with such great love.

Life with Him grows sweeter by the day. Indeed.


"For God is love."


Darn. The trailer for Winter's Tale looked deliciously promising, but today I've seen two reviews which called the movie a confusing mishmash and a mess, one of those reviews giving so many details that, yes, even without seeing it, I'd call it a big mess, also. Oh well. There'll be other movies.



Anonymous said...

Too bad about Winters Tale. I too had looked forward to seeing it. Even though we are together we do not go over board on Valentines day or for that matter any holiday. We do for each other all through the year. Wether a little extra kind jester kind or a little something bought. whatever. We have been together for almost a half a century so we know we love each other!! We do not ignore and do celebrate but it is more to celebrate a life together.
We like to watch Alaska The Last Frontier and other Alaska shows. We have learned a few tricks watching and enjoy the families. I also loved the first man in the wild series. The one where the guy had to film himself. Those are our type of reality series. I do not want to watch the type of reality shows where people only make fools of themselves ....and do a good job of it I may say! LOL Happy Valentines Day Debra! Sarah

Debra said...

Oh Sarah! I laughed and laughed when you wrote this:

"I do not want to watch the type of reality shows where people only make fools of themselves ....and do a good job of it I may say! LOL"

Heh. I don't watch those, either. :) But I do, like you, love the Alaska shows and the survival shows, too. I'm currently hooked on Dual Survival and watch the first two seasons over and over. Have you seen that one?

It sounds like we enjoy many of the same shows so you must have great taste.!

Thanks for your Valentine wish and I wish the same for you! Hugs, Debra

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having a good celebration even if alone at the moment. We got engaged 42 years ago this night...we sorta tried to celebrate...ate out, but that did not go too well (won't go there again I think...) but we did get some awesome hazelnut dark chocolate at that will be enough. We do try to appreciate each day we are together and the fact that we still are together!! So many are not.

Stay warm...enjoy watching whatever makes you happy!!
Elizabeth in NC

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

Happy Valentine's to you too Debra! If I were ever to take a cruise I always tell my husband I would go to Alaska! I've been fascinated by it since reading Mrs Mike while in high school! I too love doing valentines and sent them out to many this year! all 5 of my grown kids, 10 grands and both mine and my husbands parents. I love going through my stats hand picking out just the right one. And my stash by the way came from estate sales. I've bought so many lovely cards and stationary that way! I've been doing some reading today too, "the Lives of our Presidents" written in 1903. By Charles Morris. Wonderfully written for children, but I enjoy it. I read George Washington and the story of Abraham Lincoln. Going to read Thomas Jefferson next. Enjoyed some sunshine and a little warmer temps! In the 20s instead of single digits! I do enjoy feeding my birds. The feeder is right in front of my kitchen window so birds eye view! It is a favorite hobby! I repotted all my house plants with fresh new miracle grow soil so they will love that and put out new growth spurts for sure now! Beautiful moon and many stars tonight! Beautiful world. We are blessed. Married for 44 years and we exchanged cards. And had subway sandwiches at home. Relaxing evening!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Happy Valentine's Day, one day late, to you, Debra.

Anonymous said...

I like how you put up your favorite valentines on the refrigerator. I don't keep any of ours, it's the OCD declutterer in me I guess!

Debra said...

Thanks so much, Everyone, for your Valentine's Day wishes and for sharing your plans and activities with me! I hope you each enjoyed your day much. Blessings, Debra