Sunday, February 02, 2014

On Super Bowl Sunday ...

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”
John Piper

So! It's Super Bowl Sunday and Tom will miss it for the first time in, like, his whole life.

But as I told him, (by way of Skype--what a wonderful invention! I get to see Tom daily while he's across the world), we must make sacrifices because our talents don't belong to us anymore (I saw that on Lie to Me today. So fitting.). Perhaps he can watch highlights tomorrow, but if not, he'll survive. Truly, he's having an incredible learning time over there--I see the wonder upon his face and hear it in his voice.

I'm happy for me, too, for I'm living marvelous weeks at home. No, really! We're both experiencing what is known as Doing What God Has Called Us To Do and though some Christians say that usually takes you to hard, horrible places, I disagree. A place might appear horrible to those not called there, but for those who are, they will know amazing grace if they've learned how to receive it.

And it matters not a bit that some friends and relatives don't understand these rewards we're reaping. (Yet one more reason to keep God most important, not people. Following people leads to confusion.) We would have missed-out big-time had we followed naysayers.

Will Debra watch the Super Bowl? Uh, no. Not even for the commercials-- I'll check those out online tomorrow. But to those of you who love the game, have fun with friends and food and may your team play well!


Yesterday morning I stumbled upon a
Canadian radio program I'd not heard since our farm days and oh! It immediately zoomed me back to that 130-year-old farm kitchen with the big window overlooking a snowy meadow which I saw a bazillion times and thus have it memorized so now it's like the farm lives inside of me instead of me living on the farm and Honey, let me tell you--I prefer it that way. :)

Anyway, have you ever heard of the Canadian singer, Kathleen Edwards? Vinyl Café played some of her songs yesterday and what a lovely folk style she has, sometimes with a bit of a country edge. This song was my favorite:

Soft Place to Land  (Soothing City tune. You'll see what I mean.)

After the radio show, I then dialed over to the French radio station (with French songs from the 1930's!) which kept me in that old farm kitchen awhile longer before I returned to Hobbit Cottage, my own sweet, doable farm away from the required-too-much-time one...

... and became oh-so-excited that someday springtime will bloom and my hands will dig in the earth and plant seedlings and I'll porch dream while absorbing that sunny afternoon stillness where only sparrows flit about.

But in the meantime? On this Groundhog Day where lots more winter was predicted? I'll discipline my head from complaining for, hey... God is still God and He is still Good. And so is Life while standing beside Him, even during long, icy winters spent alone-but-not-alone.


“True faith means holding nothing back. It means putting every hope in God's fidelity to His Promises.”
Francis Chan

"... but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise ."   ... 2 Corinithians 10:12

Oh, I do love my dining room curtains! I stare at them and lose track of what's happening on Lie to Me, which I'm currently re-watching, feeling glad I personally know no micro-expression experts because they'd read my face all wrong. I just know they would, for they'd find me a study in contradictions. I know this.  :)


Anonymous said... I am going to have to borrow a couple phrases, sentences from you I think!! For when we are not understood for how we are living our life. I do not think you would understand it either...but I LIKE your choice of words!!! About how you are living as GOD is leading you and others think that would be a horrible place...but it is not...and a place of blessing. I think obedience always is a place of blessing, don't you?
Elizabeth in NC

Pam B said...

Love the John Piper quote at the beginning of this post--it rings true!