Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Much To Read and See. So Little Time

Back in the early years of blogging, I landed on Kelly's blog and gasped, for hers was the blog I'd spent many a Sunday afternoon searching for. Even though she was half my age, her writing, thoughts and photos inspired me as no other blog had (or, uhm, has since) and I still, years later, reread these posts, especially, when the blogging world feels flat:

Finding Presence Through Escape
Opening The Door To Our Hills

But after blogging a couple years, Kelly (silly girl) went and fell in love with a wonderful Christian man, got married and then had two adorable children. And wrote fewer blog posts with each new Life Event. 

Then wrote nothing. No more Kelly online.

And I get that. Truly I do. A husband, a home and two babies and did I mention she's a painter/artist, as well? -- whew! That'll do it. That'll cause anyone to make choices about what to keep and what to let go.

But even after all these years, I still miss Kelly's blog dreadfully. On Sunday afternoons I still search for another one exactly like it, but of course, I'll never find that, because there's no one else exactly like Kelly. There's not another anyone exactly like any of us. God did that on purpose.

Yet sometimes on rare blue moons I discover thought-provoking blogs and today, incredibly, I found three.

Accidental Devotional
Elora Nicole
Narrow Paths to Higher Places

It's a rare, rare day in Debra's World. I've perused those a bit and oh, I do like what I've seen so far. Oh happy blue moon!


Here's something you farm-folks-at-heart will enjoy:

Cold Antler Farm Trailer

I no longer read many books about small farms (too much been there, done that myself, I think) but Jenna's new book is one I'd read. I still enjoy her blog and her first book, as well:

Made From Scratch

I'm considering pulling it out again in this new home, our Hobbit Cottage, so to make this Doable Place more mini-farm-like this Spring.

Ah, Spring! Is there really such a thing?  :)

I thought yesterday about how Tom and I have all the 'farm animals' we need: sparrows, finches, broad-winged hawks, wild rabbits, squirrels and 2 cats. And twice I saw a garter snake, but I think she's moved on. Oh, and spiders. Lots of spiders. I especially think that's plenty when I brave the snow, ice and cold each day to feed those outdoors.

It's wise to know when enough is enough.

So there you go.

My two cat buddies... what wonderful company they are while Tom's away!


"This morning i woke up and sat with my coffee looking out the window for a good hour, listening to music, watching autumn, talking to God, daydreaming. Last night I went to bed before I was tired because I was craving time to tell God things in silence. These days I'm discovering my times of solitude are full of presence--they fill me up, renew my perspective, make me feel known."  

 ... Kelly, from Home Is Where One Starts From

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