Thursday, January 02, 2014

Crazy Partridge Family Thoughts

Happy New Year to you!!

"From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."   ... Ephesians 4:16


On dark, snowy weekday mornings in my kitchen I make Tom's sandwich for work and sometimes on the radio the Partridge Family will suddenly sing, "Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted?" or "I Think I Love You" and well, since Tom's in the shower, I say, "Oh yes, baby!" and I walk over to the counter and turn up the radio loud. And then sometimes I even, at 5:45 a.m., sing along and feel the 'anticipation of the young' like usually only a giddy 16-year-old can.

Oh, after all these decades, I think the Partridge Family still sounds pretty great.

No, really. Perhaps not many of my readers would agree, but that's ok, music being one of those most ultra-subjective areas on the planet. I totally get that.

And you know? I love this freedom which came after I stopped trying to do and be what others preached I should do and be and when I stopped trying to create clones of myself.

You know how we all can get, right? All crazy-eyed passionate about not only our 'likes', but our missions trips, Bible studies, outreach spectaculars, (etc.) and practically stern-eyed, telling people (before they run from us),"And you should be doing this, too! You're disappointing God if you're not!"

Which of course, makes those who've not yet found/accepted their 'God callings' either hang their heads with guilt or determined to pick a big mission-something, anything, just to appear important, busy for God and happy.

And then a sort of wandering, Life Behind A Mask starts there.

But oh! Please never pick up that mask. God has missions, journeys, tasks picked out specifically for you--and wow--when you accept them and allow God to start flowing through you in unique ways? That's when a  fountain inside you bubbles over with passion and you feel the wonder of obedience and God loving others through you.

And then every day of each new year becomes remarkable and dark mornings in kitchens of regular ol' days have the greatest of potential to take you anywhere like a song can. And as that wise writer once wrote, "And oh, the places you'll go...!"


"Be what you is. Because if you be what you ain't, then you ain't what you is."   ... copied

Still not certain how God created you to change this world? Maybe this will help a little and may you find exciting adventures this new year!


I hope--if you live in snow country, especially--that you're daily taking Vitamin D3. I can't even begin to explain what a difference it's made in my attitude about winter--and dare I say Life?(!) I believe it's greatly because of D3, Vitamin C, krill oil, acidophilus and staying calm that I've not had a real cold in 4 years and winters don't feel nearly as long. I look back over the winter pages of my earliest blog years and it's as though I'm reading the story of a whole different (cranky) woman. Really.

(I buy each of these usually through


Oh my goodness. My radio just played Wishing You Were Here! (How many decades ago did I last hear that??) I'm still amazed at how a song can immediately whisk you back 40 years and thousands of miles. This was one of those songs I adored as a dreamy teenager. Happy sigh.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I liked some of their songs too.

As to D3...agreed, but read up some on the differences between D2 and D3...and I understand we need to also be taking some of vit. K2, might have the number wrong...gotta do more research...but been reading on that some. My friend's doc told her to cut back however, as her tests showed she was taking too much...ah, so hard to hit the mark!! But yea, good benefits with supplimentation. For sure.

Happy singing!
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Do You Believe in Magic? I've listen to this one a few times, this morning. Remember it from the old Mervyn's commercial, too? I had to look up the name of the store. Thanks. Stay warm. Joyce