Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Free Things. For You.

Sometimes we have not because we didn't seek or even ask. Sometimes we traveled, searching, but not nearly far enough.


I've traveled around Blogland today and thought I'd share some treasures with you.

I added these free (as of today) ebooks to my (free, but of course!) Kindle Cloud Reader from Please remember I've not read them yet, so if they turn out to be disasters, uh, I meant well.

Declutter Your Life: Quick and Easy Tips For Busy People

Home Staging On The Cheap

You Are Creative, Start Here

The Clean Home Boxset

How To Save Big Money on Groceries

How To Clean Your Home Naturally

How To Develop An Organized Mindset

Each day I get an email from with long lists of free ebooks. They're the reason I have literally hundreds of free books in my (did I mention free?) Kindle Cloud Reader. Click on your favorite category on the left to more quickly find books of interest.

From a different source, I found the latest Sun Maid Cookbook. I always send for the paper version by mail, but this is available to download, also:

The latest free Sun Maid Cookbook here.

Oh, and daily I get an email from with a list of free items to send for. Over the years I've received tons of free coffee, cologne, calendars, hot chocolate mix, shampoo, hand wipes, cookbooks, coupons, etc. No credit card is ever required for these. is another good place.

Now, through Netflix last night I watched the most gorgeous thing, especially lovely since I'm in snow country and not exactly hiking any mountains right now. It's called Moving Art: Forests. Such gorgeous photography and music--you'll gasp and the cool thing? You may feel like you actually left your house and went someplace. Gotta love that. 

Also part of that series are Moving Art: Flowers, Moving Art: Oceans, Moving Art: Deserts. I'll be checking those out soon.

This all should keep you busy for awhile, right?  :)

There are tons of free, beautiful things still out there ... May you never tire of the search for them.


If you read my previous post early yesterday, you may have missed this:

Oh! Just now found something for those of you who love reading about off-the-grid farming. Go here.  I  enjoyed this article and all the photos--such views from the windows!


Terra said...

Thanks for all these good links for free things.

Debra said...

Terra--thank-you for letting me know you liked these! Blessings, Debra