Tuesday, January 07, 2014

It's Bitterly Cold. Deal With It. :)

So we awoke to minus 3 degrees and constant winds making it feel colder than Alaska presently and according to our local morning news program, the only news in all the world is our Buffalo weather.

I mean, really... to listen to those poor schmucks reporters standing outside trying to speak with frozen faces and not fall down, you'd think that snow and cold in Buffalo suddenly, for the first time, ever, appeared from outer space. Or someplace.

It's winter. In Buffalo. It snows and gets frigid here every single year and this season we just happen to have returned to what normal winters used to feel like in the good old days.

Of course, something like 52 states are extra cold now, too, so that becomes Big News, as well, and you know? I think I've figured out why people mostly complain about extreme weather, cold or hot, even. It's because of this:

People hate being reminded of anything they cannot control, anything they cannot fix. And no one can fix the weather.

We so like to dwell in La La Land, believing we control what happens to us! Even though people around us change and do things we wish they wouldn't and politicians always seem to do what we hate. Even though our bodies age, we gain weight and our kids grow-up super fast when we look away a second. And even though we have money woes, or get sick, become stuck in traffic, lose folks we love, have appliances that break down and probably a hundred other things.

Basically? Only God is in control. About all we control is our own behavior as He works to change us, but that's even an iffy thing. You know, like Paul said:

"I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do."   ... Romans 7:14

What I've found? Accepting the weather is a great starting pointing to accepting that I'm not in control of much of anything on Earth. Not wasting my few allotted days or God-given energy in complaining about the ice/heat or cursing it or even declaring, "I'll be glad when it's finally ______ (a prettier season)". 

No, just being glad today (amongst the imperfections) and accepting that I'm only in control of my attitude about icy weather and everything else.

And I can do something about my attitude. Always. And that leads to a sweeter life all year 'round. Even (especially?) in winter.


"Frustration:  trying to do something you can do nothing about."

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

John Ruskin 


Here's the kind of news story I love to read!


Roger Crassi said...

Beautifully stated. So, 'Liz and I were out shoveling together today. There are many things I cannot do around the house (that's 'Liz,s turf) like doing the wash, scrubbing the kitchen floor...things that she prefers to do herself because it's the way she was brought up in a family of 19 children. I feel good when I can get out and shovel snow or mow the grass. It hurts my "man-feelings" to see her doing it.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is fun to hole up if you have the supplies on hand, pile on the clothes and blankets and take advantage of the time for study and just plain watching the weather happen!! But it is bad for some places...a worry when it is impossible to even drive if needed!! Should pray for the safety of those people. Here is is chilly and I am hoping some of the excess spiders and bugs will bite the dust!! Some of the pipes froze this AM, but after a few hours, all is running ok again (and we are hopeful nothing was damaged)...we kept the temp at 70 degrees last night...so that was a surprize!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Debra,
What would you rather have? Reports on the extreme weather because that is the most exciting thing going on or would you rather have reports of another Sandy Hook or Nickel Mine or Boston Bombing or World Trade Center Bombing or mothers murdering their babies, husbands murdering their wives, etc.

You needs to take a lesson from your own posts and simply change the channel if you don't like watching it. That's what you have said in the past.

Debra said...

Roger--as always, thank-you, my friend...

Anonymous #1-- Please note that I said "mostly complain" about the weather. Not "only complain"! There's a huge difference.

Tom and I have many difficulties whenever it snows like this--it changes everything! I just don't spend much time complaining about what I cannot change. (I'm trying not to complain about anything, for really, it's a sin.)

Yearly I must pray extra that I won't worry about Tom out there on ice, what with his being disabled. And I pray for him while he's driving, as well, and heaven knows how many times I've had to drive in snowy messes the 37 years I've lived in snow country. That's a huge thing for me every winter, but God is faithful to keep us safe year after year.

Anonymous #2--I wish you'd been brave enough to leave your name after leaving such a thoughtless comment. Honestly! Do you think I really would prefer to hear of such horrible things? What were you thinking?

There *is* way more helpful and hopeful and encouraging news out there--perhaps you only notice the bad stuff. And our local morning news program, especially, is wonderful at sharing what is going *right* with this world. That's why I enjoy it so much every day. But this one day they spoke only about the cold weather and I missed all the fun local stuff they share and their laughter and bantering amongst each other.

Next time please leave your name and I'll take you more seriously.

... Debra

Pam B said...

Good Morning Debra!! Yes, it is a good morning and we're not going to let a few naysayers pull us down. I applaud you for telling the truth--yes, humans are often controlling and self-centered. The sooner we accept that fact, the sooner we can bow are heads and hearts to the God who created us to need Him. Without him, we're nearly worthless, but with him, we can do amazing things. I'm praying for you and Tom to be safe during this rough weather. Will pray, especially, for his upcoming trip.

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

We here in West Michigan have just come through the other side of the cold, windy, sub zero weather and survived it! I'm grateful my husband didn't have to go out to work in it. He drives a Hope Network bus and it was just too cold to be safe to pick people up in this so they closed for two days. So we enjoyed nesting! I know storms bring many problems and I am sorry about that but I love to see the awesome power of storms at the same time, simply because it reminds me that we humans are not in charge! Sure does give the weather men something to talk about, they get so excited, I love watching them! And our news was the same! That was ALL they talked about some broadcasts! It was as if nothing else happened that day! I found it funny and a relief to not have to listen to all the ill and crime going on everywhere! It was refreshing for a change!
I also love how strangers and neighbors pull together to help each other out, like the neighbor and his two sons who helped get our cars dug out and plowed our driveway and wouldn't take anything for it! Makes you stop and realize we have such good neighbors! Today the sun is out and the temps are slowly on the rise! Hang in there Buffalo and NY! This too shall pass! Hugs Debra! Love your posts!
Linda K. Foster from our old Gladys Taber group. Gladys loved the snow storms too I feel!

Echoes From the Hill said...

I think "anonymous" may be having a bad day. Hope it improves for her.

We, in Colorado, have also had sub zero temps, but more normal temps are back. When it gets frigid outside, I am very thankful that I don't have to venture out much.


Debra said...

Pam and Nancy--thank-you both for getting my main point and giving me the benefit of the doubt, as well. I appreciate it! Blessings, Debra