Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's New Around Here

"No good work is done anywhere without aid from the Father of Lights."
     ... C. S. Lewis

I know. You're sick of looking at my dining area (I would be, too). But just one more time, ok?

So when my new curtains first arrived I thought, "Oh my goodness. These puppies are in-your-face yellow!" They nearly hurt my eyes (well ...) and I wasn't sure if I'd made the right choice. But after I put up the new curtain rod, ironed the curtains, hung them then stepped back, well, I fell in love.

To me, they look just right. Cheerful, and I must smile whenever I look upon them. It can't be helped.


Guess who actually got out of the house today? Quite nice, this getting out. :) I even visited Dollar Tree where I found another fun book:

Hey. Don't we need all the help we can get? :)


And now it's time to venture outside again, (but in 20 warm, sunny degrees!) so to feed the poor sparrows who insist upon staring at me from the hedge. Which reminds me, Tom said he's not seen a single sparrow over in South Africa, and well, it's difficult to imagine a world without sparrows.

It's also time for more than just a mildly productive day around the house. What I've basically had is a three-week-long vacation and it's time to knock that off and return to aiming for excellence rather than Doing Just Enough. Vacations are pleasant, but were never meant as a way of Life (not according to those certain Bible verses about the benefits of work. Alas.).

But at least God-led work is a joy--or can be--when done His way, and with gratitude. We live in a world that won't always be as it is--someday it will worsen(!)-- but I'm determined to seek and find all the Good Things which God created for us while they're yet with us...

...and think and speak of them freely while I still can.


"Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lacks sense."   ... Proverbs 12:11


Why do I love my dining area? Because there with the sun upon my face it almost--almost!--feels like a day at the beach.

No, really.


a8383 said...

Looks like sunshine hanging on your windows!

Rita said...

I agree. My first thought. On all the dreary days it will look like the sun is shining in. We all need that especially on the cold, cold days we have had. I only have mini blinds to my window and hope to soon follow you with cheerful curtains.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts...and tho I am not a fan of your setting it does look very nice and if it cheers you up, who cares what color it is and if it matches anything else?? Beauty if in the eye of the beholder I think!
Elizabeth in NC