Monday, July 19, 2010

'Doing' Rather Than Accumulating

In my last post I alluded to Tom's and my present (and future) plans to do more things rather than buy more things. So since perhaps you, too, would like some activity ideas, here are a few for inspiration.

1. Attend classic car shows.
2. Take public garden walks (being the nosey type, I find it great fun to wander around people's backyards).
3. Visit the zoo.
4. Take local boat cruises or jet boat rides.
5. Visit your public library and libraries of other nearby towns.
6. Go to museums and historical society homes/buildings.
7. Take a picnic lunch to a park you've never visited before.
8. Sit and read or talk beside a lake or river.
9. Go to the movies.
10.Go out to eat at a restaurant/diner you've never eaten at before.Arrange to meet another couple there and treat them to a meal.
11. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or school or at a charity event.
12. Invite friends, new and old, over for a barbecue or dinner or brunch.
13. Take a drive out in the countryside or to a neighborhood with homes you enjoy staring at for ideas.
14. Attend open houses for ideas/inspiration (homes for sale, opened on the weekends).
15. Go to county fairs (don't forget to visit the farm animals!)
16. Visit friends in their homes. Take them a little gift.
17. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Introduce yourselves to neighbors who are out in their yards.
18. Take a vacation, either far away or near (day trips). Travel a different way than you usually do (train, plane, boat, bicycle, automobile).
19. Discover which kinds of unique places/activities are within a 25 mile (or so) radius of your home. Any short, old-fashioned train rides? Farms which give tours? Unusual gardens? One-of-a-kind museums?
20. Go camping in a tent, cabin, motor home, etc. Do a lot of hiking or biking.
21. Go on a charity run/walk.
22. Volunteer to help clean-up the litter from your town's streets. No need to officially volunteer--just do it.
23. Stop at local children's/men's/women's baseball games and pick a team to cheer for.
24. Travel to visit old friends you've not seen in ten or twenty years.
25. Visit the elderly in hospitals or special caregiving homes.
26. Take night classes together. Learn a new skill--photography, bird watching, gardening, hospitality, etc.
27. Stop at animal shelters and spend time with some lonely dogs and cats. You can volunteer there, too.
28. Go to a rodeo.
29. Attend indoor or outdoor concerts.
30. Walk downtown and smile at everyone you meet.

I'd love to hear more suggestions in my comment box!


A special thanks to those of you who commented at my last blog post. It was rather hard to confess all that and your comments made me feel better about it.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful ideas Debra,thanks for sharing.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

You seem to have everything under control.
Great ideas. :0)
Peace be with you. (((hugs)))

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Again, what good ideas....I'm trying to get rid of stuff that is too much and not acquire new stuff....It's interesting after about 30 years of acquiring, I can see it's all too too much.

Jan said...

Lots of ideas for getting out and about only one for being at home.
I am different from you in that aspect. Being at home and doing things here floats my boat and gives me peace.

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! Glad this list could be of help.

Jan--I think you missed my point. This list was all about things to *go out to do* rather than going out to buy things. It was for people who enjoy going out as a couple, but who wish to stop bringing stuff home with them.

I could have written a list twice as long and full of things to do at home, for I am the biggest homebody I know. Just ask my husband--he often has to talk me into leaving the house. :)

Again, thanks for taking the time to comment, All. Blessings, Debra