Friday, July 23, 2010

Of Haunting Subway Rides

So yesterday Tom and I went to a Buffalo Bison's baseball game, our third one, I believe. Always, it's an adventure just getting your body to the stadium downtown. The most uncomplicated way (for us) is to park at the University and then take the subway.

The subway--wow, now there's a whole other world. Ride along those dark, underground tracks and you'll see nearly every sort of person ever created. Well, it feels like that, anyway, as you woosh along and gaze at your fellow wooshers.

And you know? It is so good for me to be reminded that not everyone is a young to middle-aged white farmer type, which is pretty much all we see out here in our Little Country Town In The Middle of Nowhere. It's important for me to remember that God so creatively made people different, gave them a variety of personality types and set them in varied parts of this world in cities, lake sides, suburbs, mountain tops and wide open spaces. You know, the Tower of Babel thing and all that. (A good reminder, that story, for me when I start feeling all Queen-of-the-World-like, all everyone-should-move-to-the-quiet-countryside.)

I love it when God reminds me that He doesn't call people to be hermits, living and dying alone, only unto themselves. But rather, that we are to serve one another in love, visit each other when we're sick or in prison and love others as we love ourselves. The hermit lifestyle is way less complicated (loving people can be messy), but it's also less fulfilling.

Reminders from God. That's what I always get when I ride that Buffalo subway, the one which is often called The Train to Nowhere. (You'd have to live here to understand that.) But oh my, the places that subway always takes me within my heart and head!


Oh, and the baseball game was fun, even though the Bisons royally lost, nine runs to zero. Naomi was there with Dave and some of their friends, as well as two of our neighbors. Tom was given free suite tickets from work so we passed them around back in May.


Downtown Buffalo has the most amazing architecture. Check out one of my favorite buildings here. City Hall is awesome, too.


God invented different. God invented unique. And who am I to wish we were all alike?


Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Wishing you many more subway rides in life.
Your time to reflect made a stop at my house. :0) (((hugs)))

... Paige said...

We all should ride the crazy train to nowhere every now and again