Friday, April 16, 2010

It's that time again.... Windows Full of Magnolia Blossoms Time!
And Lennon and I love it.

And hooray! The siding guys came yesterday, like, two weeks early and nearly completed siding the garage. On Monday they'll finish and install a garage door as well. (Click to enlarge.)

I love seeing changes around this place and I keep lists of improvements, even, for encouragement when it seems things are creeping along, snail-like.

On Sunday afternoon we have local friends coming who we've not visited with in more than ten years. Yikes! How wild that Time can zoom past like that. And how sad all we miss, too. Alas.

Now, will I race around here changing things and cleaning like a woman possessed? Well, the old Debra would have done precisely that. She was funny that way.

But the new Debra is more relaxed, more secure and older, too, meaning she's too old for the nonsense which says if your house isn't perfect, then your friends will talk and snicker about you the whole car ride home.

No, at this phase I'm more into presenting to others the Now Debra in her Now House with her Now Husband just as they all are, well, now. Someday things will look and be nicer around our farm, but why try to leap into the future these two short days before Sunday? Why try to be what we are not yet? And why kill myself trying to be what I'm not?

So when our friends arrive, things will be straightened and nice, but they will not be immaculate and changed and overhauled and redecorated. Our house and yard will just say, "This is who we all are today." And that will be good enough.

We'll enjoy the extremely overdue visit more that way, besides.


Disclaimer: Well, I did actually rearrange our livingroom yesterday, but since we're planning on having lots of company this year, it was a necessity. The 'winter look' was cozy, but not open enough to entertain more than two extra people. Alas.


Sometimes it just is what it is...


... Paige said...

Looks great! I hung a picture this morning, my photos of it were blurry so I need to fetch out the ol' tripod to get focused.

happy weekend

Judy said...

I can gaze up at my magnolia tree while laying in bed.

Well, of course first I have to jump up and open the curtain, but it's worth it!