Monday, April 19, 2010

To repeat, there is truly nothing else like a country morning. Oh, I know vacations can be incredible (my favorite vacation included the trip to Almanzo Wilder's childhood home where I became embarrassingly giddy with glee), but these springtime country mornings sure feel like a vacation to me, also.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that we've commissioned our friend, Donna, to paint a picture of our house! Exciting, huh? We've never done that before, though I sorely wish we had paintings of the houses of our past. Oh well.

Donna and John drove out here on a sunny morning last week so she could take pictures of our house and what a remarkable surprise to see them on an average day. The three of us sat on our patio, sunglasses a necessity because of the glow and the glare, and we watched birds, the tall, greening trees and the neighbors. What a treat to chat with them awhile, a welcome break in my day.

Then yesterday our friends, Joe and Elaine, who we'd not visited with in ten years(!) came for lunch and a farm tour. We had hours of fellowship with them, took right up where we'd left off much too long ago (don't you love it when that happens?). And they brought carrot cake! As perfect a cake as you can buy off a shelf (can you tell I'm still savoring its memory?).

And now it's a glorious Monday on our enchanted acres. That country air! I do wish I could puff it through your computer screen so you, too, could enjoy it with me. :)


And besides all this wonder, another remarkable book arrived in the mail on Friday. It's called Woodswoman and you can read about it here. High adventure which continues in other of her books, which of course, now I'll have to read. Speaking of which now it's coffee time out on the sunny front porch with more of Woodswoman. Lennon the Cat is waiting for me.


Myrna said...

A glorious Monday and a glorious post!! Beautiful, Debra! What fun reconnecting with friends, and what a fabulous idea to have your house painted (well, you know what I mean!) ;-)
I think you should name your house Enchanted Acres. Have a sign and everything!!
And regarding your previous post on power...I want you to know that was the very thing I needed to forgive someone, and just told her so right now!!
Love how God uses you in my life!!
Blessings to you, sweet friend, on this glorious day!!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh I would have to agree a visit to Almanzo Wilder's childhood home would be an awesome vacation. I have not yet read - "Farmer Boy" but I am sure once I do - it would be even more of a dream for me to go for a visit. I am half way through the second book. I am trying to set up my shedule for more reading.
Great post! Thanks, Lisa :o)

Echoes From the Hill said...

It is wonderful to have a painting of a home you love. I saw a painting of an old farmhouse and one of a barn that an artist in California did, and decided I wanted to have her do a painting of my house, from a photo. It turned out great, and the price was fair. It is very special.

I know that wonderful feeling of happiness on a beautiful spring morning, in the country. Unfortunately, housing developments have encroached and our few acres don't have that country feel anymore. I will enjoy yours vicariously!