Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Okay, here is why I asked if there were any subjects you wanted me to write about. From your comments, it appears no one figured out the reason. :)

I'd wanted to ask that question for months and a passage in Woodswoman II finally nudged me. Anne LaBastille told us that readers of her first book began searching for her and her hidden cabin in the Adirondacks, which, alas, was the opposite of her desires. After all, she'd moved to the woods for privacy and to write books.

Some people even began calling her after she installed an answering machine at her neighbors' house. Some of her visitors and a few of the callers were scary, threatening, even without provocation. Anne wrote:

"What do such visitors and callers hope to find when they search out the Woodswoman? I still don't know exactly, but I'm sure America is lonely. Americans are looking for identities. They want to attach themselves to authors, singers, actors and TV stars... They need to sublimate to enrich their lives. They want to talk..."

The "America is lonely and wants to talk," parts struck a nerve, because you see, before 1994 I often struggled with loneliness. Like a black, inky cloud it hung over me, threatening to choke me, making even my clocks appear to run backward at times, so that afternoons felt eternal. (Really.)

One reason for the loneliness? I relied on Tom or Naomi or friends or entertainment or pen pals to keep me 'fixed,' busy and distracted rather than pulling from God all that I needed. So when Tom or Naomi or everything or everyone else was gone, I felt empty. Bored. Depressed.

So anyway, I've shared some of those stories here in my blog and those years are never too far from me. And because of the help I've received from both God and my favorite teacher, especially, my desire is that this blog will be a help to others who may be lonely, too.

And that is why I asked you to tell me what else you'd like me to write about. I so desire to help others, to set them on a deeper search for the One who can meet all their needs, having been so helped myself. So if there is some specific subject which would help and comfort and encourage you, I do wish you'd tell me and I'll try to include it.

Daily I ask God to speak through me here and I believe that He does as best as He can, given what He's working with...heh... And yet, I'm not too prideful to think I always get it right--because, certainly I don't. Sometimes I'm listening more to my own head and opinions and thoughts than to the Great Shepherd whose sheep hear His voice. I realize that.

But because I want this blog to always be an encouragement, especially for those of you who are hurting, I want you to know that I'm always here, willing to help. And if your needs aren't being addressed, please don't hesitate to spell them out for me. In my old age and frequent self-absorbtion, I can be rather clueless at times.


Pearl said...

I'd like to know more about the Woods Women? did you like this book and why? Thanks, Pearl

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ I would really like - maybe I need to say - I really need to hear more about how to trust God more and how to depend on him more.
Thank you so much for having a heart to help hurting people. Right now I am really hurting and I am really trying to put my trust in God but just feel so sad.
Lisa :o)

Jan said...

I want to know why you think you are in old age?

Debra said...

Thanks for each of your suggestions! Over the next couple weeks I'll try to address these things.

And Jan--that last sentence was stated with some humor. Well, I thought so, anyway. My humor often misses the target. :) But too, at 51, I do have fewer years left to live on this Earth than the ones I have already lived, so that puts me 'over the hill' in some ways. I am no longer young and slowly I am accepting and growing used to that idea. :) More about that later.

Thanks again,Everyone. ... Debra

Jan said...

Well, Debra, I will be 67 in a month's time and have yet to hit old age!
Each decade has been better than the last!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blogs, and I'm always amazed (though I shouldn't be)at how God speaks to me through what you've written. I shouldn't be amazed because when I'm listening He speaks through my morning devotional, your blog, and through other individuals and always with the same voice, idea, thought. Each bit of input throughout that day or week verifies over and over His love and care. Thank you for being an instrument for Him!