Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Dull Monday (or Tuesday) Around Here

Monday and Tuesday were, well, incredible.

Did I travel to exotic places? Eat at a fancy white-tableclothed restaurant? Stay at a cozy bed-and-breakfast inn? Swim at the beach? Hike through a forest? Shop some terrific sales?

Nah. I just stayed home.

But oh... Over those two days I spent hours on our front porch reading wonderful books in the sunshine with Lennon The Cat snuggled up beside me.

I rearranged plants in the flower beds up against the house, then turned the compost heap and watered it, too. I began raking the dried-up leaves into rows (to use as mulch) in my vegetable garden.

I filled the bird feeders and poured water into the bird bath. Then watched the birds play and eat.

I spray-painted the bistro table and chairs on our new patio.

After, I rested in the sunshine and listened to the afternoon sounds of animals in our marsh. With my eyes closed and face toward the sun, I sighed happy sighs.

Later I realized this thing outside our backdoor is a real old-fashioned boot scraper!

(Can't you just picture the cowboy boots coming back in from the barn and the fields at the end of the day?) We'd assumed it was just a doorstop. Silly us.

I mowed part of our way-too-large lawn for the first time this season and was giddy that the lawnmower started right up. I re-painted our front steps, white.

I hung freshly laundered towels outside on my spiffy clothesline and draped our newly-washed bathroom rugs over the woodpile to dry.

I read more outdoorsy, farm-type books on the porch and drank more coffee (de-caf, but of course) and dreamed a lot more, too, while classical music played from the old radio in the kitchen and the windows were open for the breezes.

And oh my.... It was all, every hour of it, better than any vacation, according to my own head and heart, anyway. And perhaps that's how all of Life should be and feel--like a working vacation. Work done while the head and heart are set free from worries and simply brimming full of gratitude and happiness. Perhaps?


"...the Lord has done all things well..." ... Mark 7:37


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

It just amazes me at how so many times I read what you have to say and totally understand because I feel the same way. You really have a gift for writing and I really enjoy your post. And they inspire me as well. Oh and I love your bistro set and also your yellow set. They are both lovely!
Have another wonderful day!!
Lisa :o)

Saija said...

ok, Debra ... how many hours in your day ... 55? 60? it would take me a week or two to get half of what you did done!!! *smiling*

glad to hear your happy voice! blessings on ya!

Deborah Raney said...

I'm with Lisa. I totally get you! : ) Your "vacation" sounds perfect! Love the bistro set, too!

Paula said...

LOVE, love, love this post!! And loved seeing your pretty face in my comments section on GR. :O)Been too long since we connected.

Pearl said...

What a lovely post and yes this was a vacation! I did alot of the same today, planting (finally) cleaning out side with my two side kicks Rocky and Baby the dogs. They were so happy to get out and not be couped up anymore, they were rolling on the lawn sniffing my flowers and chassing the ball I threw. I didn't get near as much done as you but it was glorious! I'm so happy you had a fun day! Hugs,Pearl