Saturday, April 10, 2010

Isn't this a pretty scene outside our windows this morning? Sunshine after some days of rain! And our neighbors' cute little house which I like to pretend once was a schoolhouse when the property was sliced and sold from ours decades ago.

There's no note on our deed saying it was used for a schoolhouse after the sale, but that's the lovely thing about pretending--you can imagine anything you want. And create little stories, all inside your head, even though you like the sweet little family who lives inside what you imagine to be a Laura Ingalls Wilder-type of schoolhouse.

Inside your head, you can have it both ways. And no one can stop you.

Happy Saturday! Tom and I are considering starting-up our yard sale habit again today. We'll see how that goes.

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Saija said...

i love the spring look to your place ... we will have to wait some before things green up here ... last year we still had snow on the ground, so i'm not complaining ...

i thought i'd say a "hi" to you on this post ... cause to be honest, i am so tired of hearing about "celebrity sins" being paraded on the tube these days, it is fed to us in an "oh, my ... " type of way - but what it actually seems to be is entertainment for the masses ... i cringe over it all ... and like your one post re "it's none of my business" ... well since i don't know these people, i'm not in any way involved in it personally - so it's none of my business and i just keep changing the channel ...

blessings on you!