Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Joy

I do love Easter, both the remembrance of Jesus rising again and the bunnies and Springtime parts, too.

But there's one thing which, each year, makes me feel, well, awkward. It's the way some of my friends put Jesus back in the grave on Good Friday and hang their heads, feel sad, somber and all whispery until Sunday when they blog and Facebook, "He is risen!," as though He did just rise again. For the umpteenth time. After days of being gone. Again.

I know, I know (I know, ok?). Easter time is about remembrance and honoring what Jesus did for us. I get that. Really, I do.

But oh my, I could not make it through one hour, not one, in which Jesus spends the day and night away from me inside a tomb. Not when I need Him every single minute to survive. To be sane, happy, at peace. To breathe normally, even.

For those reasons I cannot place Him back in the tomb every Good Friday. I just can't. And if that makes me controversial and uncooperative, well, so be it. I am controversial and uncooperative, then.

Every single day of every year I celebrate that He has risen. That He hangs around my heart and my house. It's lovely, though, that there is a weekend when millions of us celebrate that day together. As one. In unity.

Happy Easter to you, my cherished readers!


Pat said...

Happy Easter Debra!
He IS Risen!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter, and you are right,he has not left us.

Jammie J. said...

Happy Easter. :)

Thank you for your compassion in your comment on my blog. You are so dear to me, it's sometimes hard for me to remember you're not my next door neighbor. :)

Echoes From the Hill said...

Have a Blessed Easter.