Monday, January 19, 2009

So Kristi said there are no more RH Shumway seed catalogs available this year and that y'all will have to sign up for the 2010 issue. Major bummer!

So I thought I'd take some pictures of these wonderful pages so reminiscent of the 1800's style of catalogs. We do have a scanner but it's upstairs buried in a box somewhere (and likely will remain there), so please bear with these photos. You can click on each to enlarge. Sorry they appear sideways--usually Blogger sets them straight, but obviously my photos have totally confused them this time.

Seed catalogs--what an encouragement! They remind us in January that someday this deep freeze will go, snow will vanish, Spring will return and with it, the time for the sowing of seeds.

Even weeks ago Tom and I already agreed that--this year--we will not take even five minutes of bright, lovely, warm weather for granted. We promised to appreciate every hour of sun and warmth here on our little farm as well as in our tiny town and its farmland surroundings. I will take more walks and look at everything and memorize every seen of this Life which flows too fast, like water between my finers.

We'll each place our hands over our mouth if we even begin to complain about anything. At least, that is our plan. Good weather and golden days in the country are just much, much too precious and too swift to vanish unnoticed and under-appreciated.

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