Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part of our upstairs closet...beyond dreadful, right? (Try not to gag.)

Well, here it is after Phase 1:

What a difference some paint makes. The paper on the shelves is some wallpaper I found, new in the package, at Salvation Army for 50 cents. Don't you love it when a great deal sits there waiting for you to discover it?

We didn't have an official linen closet in this house so I am making one. I am all about creating what I need rather than sitting around wishing for it.


Tracy said...

Wow, what an improvement! You did good, Debra!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That looks awesome!

oma aka meme said...

very nice- I was calling what I do''adapting'' but I like your word better- 'creating'
hugs from Meme

Betty Jo said...

What a wonderful change you've created in that closet. Congrats on the wallpaper deal too. I was going to buy normal shelf paper for the new apartment, but you've inspired me to drop by my local Salvation Army first to look for wallpaper. xoxo

Patty H. said...

Looks very nice!

Pat said...

Great job! It's amazing what a coat of fresh paint and a little imagination will do!

Pearl said...

Aaaah what a difference, looks good Debra!

Annie said...


That looks fantastic. 70's shelf paper BE GONE! It made me think of those avocado green refrigerators and the canisters that looked like mushrooms.

You have to show it to us when you've got everything in there, Miss Martha Stewart on the cheap.


Anne @ The View from 256