Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So I'm mostly finished painting the kitchen. I'll repaint the cupboard handles today--most people would remove them before painting, then screw them back on after, but not me. I prefer to paint them with a small brush afterward. Alas.

I knew the green would make the orange counter tops look good. I mean, hey... I lived during the 1970's, you know, and back then it was all about green and orange. But I didn't know it would make them look almost great. Okay, okay... almost acceptable enough for me to patiently wait another year to make major changes to our kitchen.

Hmmm... Actually? I almost love these orange counter tops now. Clearly, my sanity is slipping away.

Yet seriously? Most of Life, I believe, is a combination of making personal changes in order to live more fully --and learning to accept what cannot be changed. And yes, knowing the difference. And sometimes it's the tiny changes which make huge differences in how we think and feel and perceive Life. Tiny changes like a brush, a can of paint and a couple afternoons.

P.S. NancyR asked if I'd have to repaint the dining room now and the answer is yes. I'll be going with the 'autumn gold' color which I'll be painting the living room after I finally get to Home Depot to find the right shade.


Tracy said...

Your kitchen looks lovely, Debra. Great job! :)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra, It looks great. You must have more energy than I do! I am getting many things done, but all that painting! I'm in awe. Isn't it interesting how much color is relative to what's around it?

You remind me of my oldest daughter who has repainted almost all the walls in her house soon after her first painting because she realized the color wasn't what she wanted. But she does love the second coat.

It is so too gray here! How do you cope?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I like that green!!!! And I'm not just saying it, to sound supportive or the like. I like it! Great inspiration you had there.

Now if your muscles would fully relax, hu? ,-)))

And come to think of it, I've had the urge to change colors too. But I did it, the very-lazy-woman's way! I changed background color, on my blog. {Not comparable, I know!} ,-)

Aunt Amelia
"The snow that began in the evening,
and steadily all the night..."

Pat said...

It IS easy being green! I'm generally a person who leans toward blue, but this is the perfect color, it looks like those counter tops were meant to be!
I once had a large bedroom that was carpeted in red by the previous owners. I hated it, even though I do like red. It was just too large a room though, and I couldn't afford to change it. I finally decided to work around it and did every thing in Navy blue with small touches of worked. Sometimes we just need to work with what we have and it turns out beautifully, just like your kitchen.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Back to say that our mutual need for some color change, made its way into my blog entry today. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"The snow that began in the evening,
and steadily all the night..."

Betty Jo said...

Your kitchen looks awesome. I adore that green. For some reason I'm being drawn to green lately, where it used to be blue. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the deep green!
We decorate in mid-century modern furniture and I love the glory that is green!

Saija said...

those are my colours! :o)
i love the way it looks ... you have made it look so homey ...

good on you!