Monday, January 12, 2009

Most likely, this post is too late. Alas. But I thought I'd go ahead with it anyway.

Now, I'm the type of person who, two days after Christmas, is sorely tempted to yank down and stash away all her Christmas decorations in the attic. Usually by December 27th, I'm, well, rather sick of Christmas baubles. That's just me.

But I've found it interesting in various blogs lately to see how many of you love your Christmas decor yet feel you must put it away by this week (or so). To which I must ask, "Why? Why do you have to take it all down now? Why not leave it up a few more weeks (or months?) if you love the ambiance it adds to your home?"

Oh, of course I don't mean leave your Christmas tree up forever. After all, who wants all those needles in your carpet and a major fire hazard? ...heh... But who says you must put away all your other Christmas decor even if you love the look in your home? Why not be funky and cool and different and leave it up till May or June or even longer? Or at least portions of it?

And of course, many Christmas decorations can pass for simple winter decor--snowmen, snowy wreaths or even tiny trees and certain old-timey toys. Oh, and strings of tiny white lights! Now, that's something I do leave up all year. Love those white lights and the glow they cast upon my rooms, my hutches and white dishes.

I guess all I'm trying to say is why do we find it so very hard to hop outside of the boxes the rest of our world seems to live inside? Why can't we have any sort of decor we love--even Christmas decorations on the 4th of July--if that's what warms our hearts?

Oh, if you have time, do pop over to Clarice's blog to read one of the sweetest posts in all of Blogland.


Donetta said...

I enjoy the fall decor it is so homey to me. I have a wreath of each season for the door. I decorate seasons for the kids too. It makes memories and adds a lot of spice to life, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I feel as though you spoke right to me!
I decided I'm not taking my decorations down till the end of January!
I love the spirit, I love the cheer, and by George I'm not ready to let it go yet ;)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hear, hear! Well said!

Christmas decorations, like most everything else, should come and go, as they give us happiness. I am with you Debra!

Spoken by she who just a couple of hours ago, took down most of the Christmas decorations. :-) Jan. 12th! I don't move on this matter, until 'Uncle A.' starts to grumble a bit. ,-)

The artificial tree is not down yet, so we'll still have it's tiny lights, this evening. And I keep some of my red Christmas decorations {"apples," etc.} on the mantle, for Valentine's Day decorations.

Aunt Amelia

Storybook Woods said...

Ah thank you Debra xoxoxo Clarice-who still has Christmas decorations all around her house !!!!!

Annie said...


I have some winter things I switch to in after Epiphany, but I'm all for keeping decorations up. I love your curtains. My grandmother had those exact sepia toned pics of the children. She called them Andrea and David.


emma said...

oh i'm still totally decorated. Didn't take a thing down and won't till at least the end of January, though i've been known to keep my live tree until April(i don't heat my lving room and suprisingly it stays relatively fresh until about mid-march!)

The other day it was cloudy and grey and i plugged in both of my trees and had the other Christmas lights on and candles too and i just felt better! It's so comforting.