Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's so easy to complain. Anybody can do it. Anybody.

Personally? Personally I don't enjoy doing what just anybody can do. That's average and well, I don't like being average--I never have. I don't believe God's goal for each of us is to become average so we can blend right in with all other average folk.

I just finished reading a couple blog posts in Blogland concerning what's wrong with our Country now that we have a new administration. Well, those posts are easy to write. Why not attempt the harder post? Why not write about what's good about our Country? About the freedoms we still hold and how there's still so much kindness to be found in our people. Or what can be good about it if only we'd ______ (insert your own ideas here...) What? You don't have any solutions? Hmm... Why not switch from 'complaining energy' over to 'solution energy' and blog some new ideas after prayer and some use of imagination?

(Sometimes we are exhausted simply because we used-up our energy in all the wrong places.)

For eight years a bazillion people have complained about the Bush Administration and now? Now I pray that all the rest of us won't take up complaining chants for the next four or eight years regarding the Obama camp.

Need something? Go out and find it. Or stay home and find it or create it or share it with someone who needs it more than you do. Rather than wishing our Country was more old-fashioned, more peaceful, more kind, why not become more old-fashioned and peaceful and kind, yourself?

Want something changed? Change it. Ask God what you should do, then do things His way (His ways tend to bring miracles.) Can't change something huge? Ask God to help you change something small. Perhaps He'd rather you change the atmosphere of your own home first, anyway. And that is something very doable, especially with Him. Charity, after all, begins in the home--it always will begin there. Why? I believe it's rather like when you toss a stone into a pool of water and suddenly water rings begin circling outward, spreading far.

It's amazing how far rings of love and peace and grace can spread from just one home, one person... especially if God is there to begin the first ring. Home will always be a truly amazing starting point of any Good Thing. Indeed.

Instead of a wishbone, we need more backbone. (Joyce Meyer)

Bloom where you are planted. (Mary Englebreit)


Tracy said...

A wonderful post & I heartily agree! :)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What a wise post this morning. You said something we all need to relearn day by day: that it is better to light a candle than to stand and curse the darkness.

May we all light our candles and let our lights shine!

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...


Judy said...

Nicely put, Debra!

Donetta said...

Love that feisty girl! Right on!
Beauty surrounds you.

Donetta said...

I have linked a post of mine over to you. This needs heard.