Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a difference a few months can make (which can be a good thing--remember that if you ever begin to despair)... Here's my blog header, only the winter version. Personally, I prefer the autumnal look. Brrr... It's cold out there!

Want to know how Western New York looks for months and months? These photos from our property pretty much will show you, well, except for the rows and rows of houses, some just inches away from each other. But the overall dreariness is the same.

Do not let your first visit to New York state be in the winter! You'll fly away with the wrong impression. Trust me. (Click on these photos for the full scary effect of the trees from the movie, The Village. Yikes!) :)

Want to see how winter should look everywhere? Go stand in Clarice's yard, instead. You'll come away enchanted out of your socks.

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