Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lovin' Bob The Milkman

Ha! Thought that title might wake you up. :)

Actually, what I mean is that I love how it is Bob (and not me) who drives my groceries over snowy, icy roads and sets them right on top of my 1940's formica kitchen table. I putter around a warm home and voila! Bottles and cartons of milk, juice and buttermilk and tubs of cottage cheese and yogurt and sticks of butter and pounds of cheese appear right inside my kitchen. Almost by retro-magic.

And something else... Now when I watch June Cleaver take a bottle of milk from her refrigerator, I no longer think, "Oh, how far away and removed from now, June and her milk bottles." No, instead I say, "I do that too, June! I pour our milk from glass bottles while wearing my apron--no crisp dress and pearls, though. But oh, you make me want to wear them."

In fact, you know how many ol' fussbudgets declare that, now, in 2008, the Good Old Days are gone forever... and how no one delivers milk in bottles anymore? Well, they are wrong. On both counts.

And you may quote me.


Now playing outside our dining room window:

Oh please do click on the top kitchen photo. You simply won't believe what is written on the milk bottle! :)


Saija said...

i'm smiling!
and i see you guys have snow too! it's a blowing & more snowing here!

love the cute pic of you in the previous post! *grn*

blessings on ya!

nancyr said...

Oh, how perfect is that? It is nice to find a bit of nostalgia in this face paced world!

rona said...

Okay, Debra. I was wrong about the milk bottles delivered by hand. And so glad to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I want milk from a glass jar! :)
I love the picture and table!

Betty Jo said...

The only place I had milk delivered to my door, in glass bottles, was when we lived for a year in England. I grew up on a dairy farm so I truly miss the milk being delivered here in the US. xoxo