Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So yesterday good ol' Debra got into the Christmas decorating mood. Finally.

It began when I drooled all over my computer keyboard while clicking through Myrna's house here. Gracious. The woman is a decorating artiste! Please do pop over there after reading this, ok? You'll love it.

Then afterward, Tom and I drove to the Big City, well, the Town of Niagara, and there at Dollar Tree, of all places, I actually felt tingles of creative Christmas merriment. (I know. I know. At Dollar Tree?) But it was there that I found these lovely Christmas balls:

Aren't they nifty? Just five for a dollar. And I also bought the two tiny wreaths here in this photo and the door hanger in the top photo. Tom loved the things I found and when my Christmas-loving friend, Laura, comes by on Thursday (and Naomi and Carol on Christmas Day) at least our house won't appear so Hum-Bug-like. At least they'll know I tried.
Oh! And these amazing deer followed me home from there, too:

I think I'll keep them out all year long.

Of course, I gravitated toward all things autumnal in color. I noticed that. And here, before we moved to this farmhouse, I'd meticulously planned to veer away from autumn-colored walls and decor-- my dream was blue walls and white decor in nearly every room. I mean, for 14 years we'd lived in "Autumn Cottage" (as we named our last home) and I was ready for something different. I believed I wanted all the glorious pastels I was craving online--all those adorable cottage-type homes some of you have crafted in amazing ways, the ones I stare at for hours.

But now I'm not so sure. Slowly, autumn is creeping back into my life, into my home, as though I cannot help it. I mean, hey... You don't know this, but I've been searching for just the right shade of autumn-gold for the walls of our living room--and not having much luck because it's a bold color I'm envisioning inside my head, yet those bold color paint chips downright frighten me. "Dare I go so bold?," I ask myself. Hmm.

Well, if you're still even reading this gibberish, what am I trying to say? Maybe this: Often in this Life, we must step out to find out. We must paint whole rooms before we discover that, wow! That's not me at all. Or we may need to become brave-beyond-belief and take some steps which, just thinking about them, scares us no end. And yet often, we only learn new things about ourselves--or Life--after we jump out of boats... or tip-toe down new roads... or live in different houses or states or within a new, open mind.

And that's why dreading and resisting change is an awful way to live. For me, anyway. Always, when I step out and find out, I learn ways to better maneuver around in this world--and discover what I love (or detest) in this amazing Life which God has given me. Swimming in uncharted waters is always a pretty scary--yet exciting--way to learn something new...

...and heaven help us if we ever stop learning.


Anne said...

I painted my kitchen and family room a lovely gold called Orient Yellow. It's bold, it's beautiful and I love it! But I've always been brave about wall colors because they're fairly easy to redo if you hate it. I hope you find a color you love!

Anonymous said...

I have made some great finds at the dollar store myself. I would keep the deer out all year too.


... Paige said...

I love the dollar tree!

You know you don't have to paint an entire room. You can just paint one wall and besides it is easy enough to repaint.
If you don’t' know darker colors require at least 2 coats to be true to the desired shade and sometimes 3 coats.
When painting a lighter color over dark use a primer coat such as Kilz-they now make an odorless water base on that can be tinted.
and that concludes my painting class for today. thank you

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Love the Dollar Tree! It's the best place to find Christmas decorations. Your home looks lovely.

I had to laugh at your comments about wanting pastel colors but heading back to autumn colors. You sound just like me. I always want to dark bold colors - my head says yes but my heart knows it's all about the pastels and florals. Go with what your soul is telling you.

Paint that bold gold color! It's only paint. If you don't like it just paint over it. That the advice my daughter gave me when I was agonizing over painting my living a moss greet!!


Jammie J. said...

Your finds are fantastic! :)

Autumn colors and bright, bold colors, well, nothing is permanent but change after all. :)

Betty Jo said...

Goodness! I must look for a Dollar Tree nearby. I adore those Christmas balls. Understandably I haven't been much in the Christmas mood this year, but I so enjoy seeing your decorations and those of other blogging friends. Myrna's home is gorgeous, thanks for sharing her link. I hope you find just the right paint you're searching for. xoxo

Saija said...

i love the things you shared with us!!! they look very Christmasy and set the right mood! you are such a good shopper!


Myrna said...

Well, you just blessed my boots!;-)
Thanks for the sweet regards about my home! I'm thrilled to be of some inspiration to you...as you have pulled me thru some dispairing(is that a word?) times through your blog. God has spoken to me many a time through you and I am so grateful!!
And He's done it again...I've been in a quandry of sorts lately.."dreading and resisting" and navigating some "uncharted waters" as you said. But you wrote exactly what I needed to hear to give me the boost I need!! What a blessing you are!
Love your Christmas decor! Dollar Tree is one of my favorite haunts..

I hear you about wanting to change colors, etc. Often I feel like I have a split personality--there are so many styles I love and want to 'play out' in my home. But when I relax and let go..I settle back into what truly brings me comfort--I suspect that's what happened to you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!
What a marvelous truth:
"We must step out to find out"
Thank you.
Your house looks lovely and I'm sure no matter what colors your settle on - it will be lovely.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Myrna's place is amazing!

Pat said...

I even love your door knob...with or without a decoration hanging from it!