Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Old Farmhouse, Saving Money and Obama

I am still getting acquainted with this old farmhouse... It's taking time and was a bit rough at first, for I'd forgotten how important drawers are... and kitchen cupboards... and hooks for hanging damp things. I spent months collecting what we were missing and too, creating what we didn't have. And a funny thing.... Only two weeks ago did I realize our kitchen stove had a drawer at the bottom! Good grief. I'd thought it was a broiler because of the broiler pan sitting down there... and because of all the distractions inside my head which come from moving twice in one year when one is in ones late 40's. Alas.

You know how They say, "There's no great loss without some gain?" Well, I think of that each time I see tv and online news segments on How To Save Money In These Times of Recession. Man, they've been everywhere--and I love them all. In the thirty years of my marriage, I have majored in saving money. From the early years till these late ones, I've scoured magazines for helpful hints and clipped coupons and learned how to cook something from nothing and how to craft what I need to run a household. And now all those hints are everywhere I look--and still, I never tire of them.

Partly, I enjoy learning all this saving money stuff because I'm a cheapskate at heart. heh. But the other part is that I'll do nearly anything in order to keep my job as a Happy Homemaker. Man, I cringe when I think of working outside of my home, but alas, if I had to get a job, I hope I could do it with an appropriate, good attitude. Again, I hope I could.


Tom and I can't believe all the Obama Talk there is on tv. It's like, "See Obama and his family choose a dog, a church and a school. See Obama's wife choose her clothes. See Obama choose his Cabinet and his breakfast cereal. See Obama pretending he is already in Office." heh.

And when we hear folks both on tv and in our very own little world speak about their glorious hopes in Obama, Tom and I joke to each other along this tangent: "Hey! Don't worry about our money difficulties. I hear that Obama is gonna fix everything. He will solve all our problems..." or ... "Aren't you glad Obama is going to save us all from America's messes?" .... and ... "Won't it be a great and wonderful day when Obama is in charge of everything... when we officially become an "Obamanation?"

Heh....... You've got to have a sense of humor, especially in 2008. You've just got to.

Oh! Check out Patty's dining room in her new header. So bold, so beautiful!


Patty H. said...

"obamanation". lol! hadn't heard that.

Anonymous said...

On both counts.
I love the tips.
I'm little Mrs. Frugal (with or with out recession) and I'm sick of the love affair the media has with the Obamas.

Laurie said...

That's too funny - an Obamanation! I agree whole heartedly!

Ona side note - the gentleman you refered to me (regarding John Sillick) has called several times. We've had some wonderful chats and John's wife invited him out to the farm this past weekend so he could see for himself the reality of "Alps Road". He's going to write a few stories about John and another writer who also died "too young". I believe they'll be featured in the Buffalo News. If you happen to come across them - can you let me know? I'd love to read them.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement. I'm up to here with Obamamania.

I've decided that his disciples are sheeple. Soon they'll be selling a velvet painting of him walking between the Lord and Elvis.

As parents, they are no more wonderful than the current occupants of the White House. They have a long way to go.
End of rant.


Olivia said...

I had to laugh too but I think because of the terrible economic situation right now, the Obama man in question, will need the help of the Holy Spirit and I think it would be a Christian thing to pray for him that all goes well under his mandate.


Jammie J. said...

Hey! I think I have a drawer at the bottom of my stove, too! Isn't that cool? Except the place OVER the stove gets used more here because we're so tall and we always forget to bend over to put things away. :)

I love saving money and always get so excited over the Sunday paper coupons and the "special" papers with the ads for the specials in the grocery stores.

Re: Obama ... (sigh) I love your amusing description, it's good to keep your sense of humor about it. But also, on another level, how seemingly everyone in the news media and everyone they interview has put so much hope into him, well, to me it just shows how far we as a nation have fallen from God.

nancyr said...

If we think we, as a nation, are in debt now, just wait another four years. It is scary to wonder just how far Congress will go with the bailouts. I think we have just seen the tip of the iceberg. Before long China will own us at the rate we are borrowing from them.

Knowing how to be frugal is going to be a necessity, not a hobby in the coming years, I fear.

Karen said...

There's actually a book called "The Obama Nation" by Jerome Corsi. I'm with you - has any other President-elect ever received quite so much attention?