Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fun-Time Christmas Shopping

I am going Christmas shopping today. I can't wait! I'll be surrounded by oh-so-quietness, calmness and I'll be stress-free. Not a screaming mother or child for miles.


I'll be Christmas shopping online.

Love, love, love it.

I'll be sending out Christmas cards today, too. I bought those online back in January. My Christmas stamps arrived last week--bought those online, also.

Ain't Life grand when you figure out some of the secrets? :)

Oh, and I even bought a Christmas gift for myself this weekend. It's a set of three Martha Stewart holiday dvd's. Got it for --get this-- $1 on Ebay. (And okay, okay.... you non-Martha fans are snickering, "She paid too much." But did I ask you??) ...heh....

P.S. Yikes! So there I was doing my Christmas shopping at Ye Olde, when I spied two sets of dvd's I didn't even know existed, but ones I'd desired for eons and eons: The first seasons of My Three Sons and The Donna Reed Show. Hooray! I won't put them on my Christmas list since Tom and I are doing Low-Key-Christmas this year (due to all the $$$ we put into that mega-complex we've got going in our backyard, also known as the barn). But alas! Someday I hope to own these....... happy sigh....


Anonymous said...

$1.00? What a score!
Online shopping is such a dream!
I purchased all my gift cards online.
No need to drive around town.
When you've got the internet.

Tracy said...

Have fun shopping! I do my shopping online as well since we homeschool & my children are always with me. I do enjoy not having to face the crowds and madness though. :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately guys aren't able to shop online for Christmas. The delivery deadline would be too tight.

Us guys don't start Christmas shopping until the 24th. :)

nancyr said...

I love shopping on line, too. Cyber Monday, I got a lot of shopping done on Love the free shipping.
It is so nice to be able to get in the Christmas shopping mood, by listening to a few Christmas CD's and sitting in the comfort of your home.
No crowds, no driving, no schedule.

... Paige said...

Way to go!

I gotta do our family tree card really soon or I guess it will be a new years card

Pearl said...

I just wanted to tell you Debra how much I enjoy reading your blog. I like your humor alot and your pictures are lovely. I really enjoy all the links you provide, so I can find many different sites. Peace be with you, Pearl

Karen said...

We'd give a lot to have a barn. We're having to store our winter's supply of hay under a tarp - and have to dig it out of the snow in order to get to it. We have no place to put our tractor (never mind our cars - no garage either), or our firewood, and the little shed attached to the back of the house is so jam-packed with tools, and animal feed, and our chest freezer, that you can barely move around in there. What we wouldn't give to have a barn...