Monday, November 03, 2008

Okay, okay.... I've written before why I try never to say "I'll be glad when..." You know, "I'll be glad when this day is over," or "I'll be glad when we finally go on vacation.... or when gas prices go down," etc., etc. I realize if we're always putting off gladness until we get what we (think) we want or until Life is perfect, well, we'll probably die without ever having a daily type of gladness which God has made available.

I know all that. Honest.

But today I just don't care. I simply must say it: I will be so glad when this election is over!

Sheesh. I'll be glad when we can turn on the morning news shows and not hear people arguing over who had the most negative campaign. And not see little groups huddled-up for mud-slinging both presidential candidates. I'll be glad when all those horrid campaign tv ads, both local and national, are gone. I'll be glad when we can greet our friends and not fear they'll bombard us with all the campaign details they've been watching.

This past week has been the worst and tons of times I've just flicked off the tv news and put in a dvd of Road to Avonlea, instead. The happy episodes.

My threshold for negativity and conflict is quite low. I can only stand so much. And besides, I'm a big fan of this verse:

"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things..." Philippians 4:8

And when you consider those words, well, so much for any of the campaigns. They each fail that test.

And yes, it is important who our next President will be. Yet it won't mean the end of Life As We Know It if my candidate loses. Or hey--maybe it will! (Already I'm imagining the other candidate will get us wiped off the map. Literally.) But alas... God will still be God no matter what. The Bible will still remain true. And somehow, someway, God will still take care of us, even if it means ushering us into Heaven should Life blow up after all. But one way or another, with Him beside me, all will be well with my soul. No matter who wins, no matter what happens.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Also, it will be nice not having to cringe when the phone rings 10 times a day with more campaign drivel.


Judy said...

So true.

I plan to keep HGTV on today for back ground noise.

I have the WHOLE day to myself. I don't plan to waste one second of it on politics.

And, I've caught that bug you had, so if I accomplish nothing but keeping myself alive - I'll call it a GOOD day.

Jan said...

One GOOD reason to give up the TV. Anything you might need to see or hear is on the 'net anyway. We are truely happy to have given ours away. We have so much more time!
And the election......enough, already. Life goes on. Jan

Robin in New Jersey said...

I too will be glad when tomorrow is over. No matter who wins, The Lord is still on the throne! I have to keep telling myself that!

Pat said...

I have wondered to myself why the same things have to be said over and over and over again. It's not like anything new has been added. Like you so beautifullly stated - all is well with my soul. If it were not, then I'd have something to worry about!

Dapoppins said...

I agree. I am just afraid that it won't really end for another two weeks!

And I told my liberal mom. "Well, if my candidate looses I will still be praying for our country, only harder, and more." And I will be making sure all the biblical "lamps" in my life are lit too!---but I will not be protesting (how dumb is that?) or tearing down signs, or swearing I will move out of America and only come back when one of my guys in office.

It's nice to TRUST that God is in control. And He knows what He is doing...even if I don't.