Thursday, November 06, 2008

So what I really want is a white fireplace mantle, but alas, we don't have one. So I took my own advice and used what I already had and somehow I brought down these shelves from upstairs while Tom was asleep--and did not awaken him.
But I like this much better than what we had here against this ugly wall. Previously we had a nice old, all-wood card table there, but that made for way too much brown and no height, etc., and looked dreadful. So for now this is it and it's not amazing or permanent, but it is better..
Today's miracle? I made it over to the antique barn and at first the little box of dishes appeared to be gone! But I remained calm and searched the booth where I thought I'd last seen it. Didn't find the dishes so I wandered around in what I like to believe was faith. I did find four white bowls, though, for $7.95, a fair price.
But one more time I returned to that first booth and aha! Beneath a table was my box of dishes. Someone had thoughtfully hidden it for me these past two weeks so I, alone, would find it. I returned the four bowls and took my little box up to the register.
That's when the miracle happened. The tag said 22 pieces for $30, but the $30 was crossed-out so I thought perhaps they were half-price and $15 would be great. Even more than $15 would be fine because I was so in the mood to buy white dishes and I've not spent any money lately because after the barn re-do we didn't have it to spend. But now I had a little.
Anyway, I remarked about that crossed-out $30 to the woman at the register and she said, "Oh yes, they are $4."
I think I felt dizzy. Maybe I steadied myself on the counter, I'm not sure.
"Four dollars?" I asked.
"Yes," she said.
"Well, in that case, I'll be right back. I saw something else I'd like." So I ran and got the four bowls from a different booth and amazingly --wow! I didn't even realize until I unpacked the bowls at home that they are part of this same exact set of my 22 pieces.
And there is my miracle for the day. I sang little songs all the way home and thanked God numerous times for being so obvious about taking such good care of me.


Judy said...

I just LOVED IT when things like that happen!!!

Patty H. said...

Well, I was going to say what Judy said in her comment. Yeah!!

Andylynne said...

what a sweet post, you have captured the exact essence of how god cares for us. In all things big and small. When things of a similar nature happen to me, I feel like I have been blessed for following him in all things.

Olivia said...

This is great. $4.00 for the white dishes you wanted.

I like what you did with the little bookcase. Did you know you can paint those wallpaneling you have? I painted mine in a room here in my old house. It gives it a very nice country look.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra, how wonderful! I'm so happy for you, not only to have the plates and bowls for such a nice price, but also to recognize the generosity of God and feel so blessed. That's even better than bowls!

Anonymous said...

What a great surprise from the Lord!
I really like the way you have everything displayed, too.


nancyr said...

You must be living right! What a great surprise to find exactly what you wanted at a fabulous price.

I also wanted a mantle, for my bedroom, and one day at an antique shop, I found the perfect one marked half price. It was a "steal" and I bought it and gave it a new home. I put a curtain rod on the opening and draped the quilt my grandmother made over it. It is a wonderful addition. If you want to find a mantle, I'm sure it will one day appear!

jodi said...

The dishes sound beautiful. Little finds like that are such gifts. Enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty amazing story with the dishes. I would have been giggling with glee after I left the store.:)
Your shelf settup looks very pretty. I like how you make do with what ya got even though you'd really like a fireplace there.;)
Take care,

... Paige said...

What a wonderful story (high 5)