Saturday, November 22, 2008

Restore Unto Me The Joy of (Fill in the Blank)

Eons ago, Tom wrote a song which contained this Bible verse:

"Restore unto me the joy of my salvation..."

Well, lately I've been humming that song, but with lyrics I tweaked a bit:

"Restore unto me the joy of cooking..."

Good gracious.

The first early years I was married, I loved to cook and I became good at it. But lately? Ugh... I often push myself into the kitchen and force myself to open a cupboard. And that's right about when I start praying that I'll enjoy cooking again. Amazingly, that prayer usually works--eventually a joy of cooking returns to me.

Of course, it helps to surround myself with cooking inspiration, so I watch a few episodes of Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart and I peruse cooking magazines--or better--my collection of 1920's and 30's cookbooks. Sometimes it's just enough to see old photos of cakes or roasts placed upon old Fiestaware in front of a hoosier cabinet.

What I do not do after praying my 'cooking prayer' is watch shows where the homemaking arts are ridiculed and women who stay home are told they are wasting their lives. Nor do I pick up books, magazines or peek at blogs which preach "any idiot can care for a home--your time and effort are more wisely spent outside in the real world."

Uh, no. That would only guarantee my prolonged boredom with cooking. Sometimes the cause of my defeat is simply the place where I've been spending my time.

I've had other prayers, as I'm sure you have, too:

Restore unto me the love of cleaning my house...
Restore unto me the joy of early mornings...
Restore unto me good thoughts toward my next door neighbor...
Restore unto me patience with my husband and my daughter...

But whatever the prayer, I've found believing with much faith is only a start to its being answered. The other step is to drench myself in good inspiration and avoid anything which will keep me in the same ol', same ol' pathetic place.
"It's the little foxes that spoil the vine..."


Patty H. said...

Thanks for another good post. One to think about. My devo this morning talked about leaving those things behind that are of no benefit to us now, things that hinder us from moving forward and as you said "which will keep me in the same ol', same ol' pathetic place".

Patty H.

Judy said...

Restore unto me the joy of raking leaves...

...and renew a right spirit within me.

Laura said...

With a husband, daughter and son with allergies (all different of course) and feeding challenges (the kids, not the husband), I've lost that lovin' feelin' for cooking. It's easier to just eat out. I never thought to pray that God restores to me the joy of cooking. Yet again, I am inspired here. :)

Emma said...

Barefoot Contessa
is also a good one to watch - her love of food and the way she sets the table,etc...always inspires one.

Or at least for me it does!


Anonymous said...

your barn looks amazing!

Marie said...

I just loved reading your blog! You kept making me laughing!
I also love your beautiful house and how you decorate! I hope you don't mind me following your posts?