Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Are Ya Gonna Do?

So on Election Day, I took my friend, Laura, over to the village of Niagara Falls so she could get her car out of the shop, but first we ate lunch at Honey's before doing a bit of grocery shopping. And while there at the supermarket I heard it coming through the sound system.... I was in shock.... Christmas music! On November 4th!

My first reaction (I confess) was, "I can't believe this... It's not even anywhere near Thanksgiving yet, for goodness sake. Every year they do this sort of thing earlier and earlier..........yada.....yada.....yada...." (Use your imagination for the rest.)

But you know? Since that day, I've decided to just go with the way-too-early-Christmas flow. I mean, hey.... Christmas is a good thing, after all. Look at what/Who started it all. And look at how it affects many people--it nudges them to give a little more to strangers, to smile more, to remember more of "Christmases of long, long ago..." And all that good stuff.

And okay, okay.... none of that is probably on the minds of store managers who blare Christmas tunes through loud speakers on November 4th, or those who display their Christmas goods in August and run wintry toy tv commercials the day after the Election.

I know, I know.

But right there lies a perfect decision opportunity. I can choose to complain about the earlier-than-ever Christmas commercialism or I can use all mentions of Christmas as reminders... Reminders of the One who started it all. I can become insanely frustrated that the world isn't running on my approved time schedule, or I can, myself, start earlier than ever this year rejoicing that God sent His Son to rescue us--that He sheds His love abroad in our hearts, sometimes resulting in extra smiles and compassion for strangers in supermarkets and notes or calls to friends we've lost touch with..... and how we will gather with family, hopefully overlooking all our collective faults...
And is it ever too early to have those things on my mind?

Speaking of Christmas, some of you will love this list of Christmas gifts for the craft-impaired.


D'Rae said...

I have you beat on when I first heard Christmas music. I was out shopping at Kohls on halloween day, October 31, and they were playing Christmas music.

Cathy said...

Hello Debra
My first visit to your blog - will be backa gain to read more
Not much more the shops and Centres here can put up in trimmings - I think they've got it all out of storage and on show now lol
Nice post reminding us of what its all about
Take care

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Love your new library and enjoyed your Christmas post. I think you are regaining your balance and natural happiness! Things do come and go, and we can use them wisely or let them bend us out of shape. But it's always a challenge in this world!

Robin in New Jersey said...

My husband took me on "date" a couple weeks ago. We went to a ritzy mall about 1/2 hour away, just to walk around. I couldn't believe it when I got to the center court and Santa was there! We haven't even had the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade yet and Santa is already at the mall?!? Every store was decorated for Christmas and that was 2 weeks ago!