Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just thought I'd share some pictures of stuff from around my house...

This is definitely a 'before photo'--someday this room will be blue with lots of white decor. But for now it's stuffed with boxes so I decided to turn the boxes into a bed. And that is what you see--boxes with a blanket thrown over them and a makeshift Victorian headboard.

I moved my craft table into the guest room which has pretty much become Debra's Room. I have this thing about setting small tables in front of windows--you can't have too many places at which to sit and dream...

I found this metal tray at an estate sale yesterday for a quarter. I'm amazed at how well it frames the teapot.

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Judy said...

I found a 25 cent treasure yesterday, too!

And, you have inspired me to cover ALL my boxes with blankets. I could have several king size blanket beds in my art room, which must look like a junk room to 'someone' who keeps piling stuff in there.

Not that I'm complaining. No. Not me.

I just LOVE it that you share your home with us.