Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Of Grace Piles

So what exactly is a Grace Pile?

Here are a few examples of the ones in my house:

And our latest one as of yesterday:
See, I've always been somewhat of a neat-freak. Oh, not the clean-it-with-soap-and-water-constantly kind, but rather the keep-things-straightened type.
Hi. My name is Debra. (Hi Debra.) I'm a straightener. I love to straighten things.
But alas, I did not marry a straightener. No, thirty years ago I married a man whose largest weakness is his lack of organizational skills. I believe he wasn't born with a single one. heh.
So--as you probably figured--it's been interesting. But guess what? Years ago I finally got the idea of praying for Grace over various piles of junk. I prayed that I'd be given Divine patience, tolerance and that I'd not even notice Tom's messes (or even my own occasional clutter, as in the first photo). And it worked! Well, usually.
It's amazing, but now I can step right past these various Grace Piles and not shudder/grimace/complain or even run to Tom and nag. Instead, I can just smile now and gaze at the remainder of the house which, usually, (unless I'm ill or mad at the whole world) is mostly straightened.
Grace Piles. Gotta love them.


Laura said...

I really love this name...Grace Piles. A recovering perfectionist, married to a man who is not makes for some frustrating moments as Grace Piles abound in random places. You just gave me both something to smile about as I notice them and maybe even a smidge of grace to eventually not notice at all.

(This is the Laura from the Here and Now blog that I'm not writing at any longer. I just wanted you to know I was still checking in with you, caring about you and this new adventure of yours even if I don't always comment.) As always, you are such a blessing to me with your shared pieces of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Oh me to! Compulsive straightener happily married to Mr. Messy! *giggle*

Anonymous said...

I like that idea a lot. I'm going to try it out as there is always an opportunity around here.!


Anonymous said...

Debra, my entire house is a Grace Pile!

Hugs, Betty