Friday, May 23, 2008

When Dreams Are a Long Time Coming

So on Tuesday I finally was able to watch (thank-you, Netflix) four episodes from the final season of Road to Avonlea. I'd missed that 7th season when it began back in the 1990's.

When the first season of Road to Avonlea began, Tom,Naomi and I lived in the middle of the Nevada desert, and well, I've told you myriad times already what that was like. Let's just say the middle of the desert is sooo not my cup of tea or anywhere near my idea of paradise.

But Avonlea.....oh my.... each week that was my paradise. I'd sit before the screen, close, to absorb the gorgeous Canadian fields, pastures and forests as well as the Victorian homes, orchards and the ocean. And I can't even explain the absolute yearning which would throb within my head and heart for all of it. Week after week.... while I lived out in the center of the windy, sand-tossed, soda-flatted, dreary desert I'd long for such a lush, green place.


But this past Tuesday the most remarkable thing happened. While I watched an episode of Road to Avonlea and saw various characters stroll across a pasture with an autumnal-laced forest in the background, I gasped. They might just as well have been walking along Tom's and my future piece of property. The green pasture, the tall woods--we have that! And I thought, "Oh my goodness. We will have a piece of Avonlea right in our own backyard."

And so again I am blown away by all this. Never, way back there in the 90's, in the desert, could I have dreamed that nearly 20 years later I'd have my own bit of Avonlea, four acres of it, with a 130-year-old farmhouse and a barn thrown in as well.

And why am I writing this? To encourage those of you who also have dreams and yearnings. Those, too, can come to pass if only you are willing to wait and dream and work and hope a little longer. And to never stop believing for Someday.

Tom and I asked each other a couple weeks ago just why it's taken us so long to take a step like this. After all, this is something both of us have wanted, this is a dream both of us have carried so very deep within our hearts, yet perhaps so deep we couldn't even quite grasp it. But soon, we both decided not to go all confused/question-riddled/crazy about it. No, we agreed to just accept the timing of it as God's perfect timing... to realize the dream would have come too soon--for whatever unknown reasons. And if the timing of a dream is all wrong, much else will go wrong,too...
... and if a dream is more more soul-inspired than God-inspired, well, it's best to wait awhile, to test the waters, and discover that, as well.
And you know? I have a feeling Tom and I will find the dream was worth the ever so long wait. When something is real, it's always worth a span of years.

One more thing-- do you remember how I wrote that I hope each of you have named your home? Well, I believe I've already found the name for our future place in the country.

I want it to be called Healing Acres.

Why? Because we'd love it to be a getaway place for anyone in need of spiritual, mental or emotional healing. And I'm not sure you'd agree, but I believe that's just about each of us. This world is so quickly changing and we are bombarded with the news of what's going wrong with it, its tragedies, every single day. And we are all in neighborhoods which are changing, often not for the good, and surrounded by people who aren't always careful of their words, thus speaking more harshly to us than they intend. We're each being squeezed financially and the temptation to latch onto all sorts of stresses is always there...

...and on and on...

So what Tom and I want is to share this God-given gift of four peaceful acres with anyone who needs a place simply to sit with God awhile so they can remember what matters. And what does not. And Who matters most of all.


P.S. I realized this week that Road to Avonlea is my favorite tv series of all time (and trust me, that is really saying something, being an original member of the first real tv generation). I would love to know which show you consider to be your favorite! Please let me know in my comment box (the variety will probably be incredible)...
...and if you've named your home I'd love to hear about that, too!


Nan - said...

Debra, I'm traveling a bit this morning around my list of favorite blogs. I haven't visited you for a while, and I am so thrilled you've gotten your farm. I can't wait to see the pictures. (or have you posted them and I missed them?) I am really, really happy for you. Oh, and my place is named after an Anne of Green Gables book, Windy Poplars Farm.

I've loved going back and reading your wonderful entries. They are always so heartfelt and inspiring. And I thank you for leading me to Clarice's pantry. Wow, is it ever wonderful!

daisydreamer said...

(insert knowing, happy smile)
Many years ago, I wondered what I would name our "homestead" if the dream in my heart came to reality. Hunt Haven. I can forget so many things, but that has stuck in my head and my heart.

May your healing acres truly be blessed.

Oh, and I love Avonlea, too!!!!!

jar said...

I liked Avonlea also but my favorite was The Waltons. And now I live in the next county north of where the Hamner family lived!!
I find myself looking forward to the day you close on the farm and reading all you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I think I Love Lucy is my favorite, though I really loved Road to Avonlea. Have you seen the movie "Away from Her" - it was written adn directed by Sarah Polley from the Avonlea show. It was a really bittersweet story and I loved it.

I think the name you've chosen is perfect, especially given what you and Tom feel led to do in the future with "Healing Acres". I'd be happy as a lark to be one of your first guests - I'm always longingly looking at monastery retreats and thinking how wonderful those silent weekends they offer would be.

I have no idea what I would call my home since we've moved so much in the past few years, but now you have me thinking!!

(This is Laura from Here and Now btw. I grew kind of tired of blogging for a few months and when I came back to wanting to write, I wanted to start fresh with a new home)

nancyr said...

My all-time favorite series was "The Walton's".
Our place is called "Echo Hill".
we have several acres, on a hill, with a beautiful view of the mountains on the west and a lake on the east. It is my "Walden".
I know you are going to love your little bit of heaven.

Laurie said...

We named our home "Lake Rise", which is also the name of our subdivision. The name reminds us of why we bought this house (despite its many flaws!) -- in fact, we just purchased a carved sign when we were recently in Gatlilnburg, even though we thought we would likely be moving out of state this summer. Fortunately, the following week we learned that the move has been postponed, for at least a year - phew!

Good luck with your move, can't wait to see pics when you get settled!

Laurie S.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra and Tom, I am so happy that your lines will lie in pleasant places! My home is less than 2 acres, but enclosed with trees and hedgerows most of the way around so it has a garden enclosed feeling and the world does not intrude too much....It's too much to take care of, but I think I am staying here for a good while because of seeing so many things that Paul built for us all around me....I hope you and Tom have as much happiness in your new home as Paul and I had in ours! I can't wish you anything better.......You must be SO eager to actually have it be your own! I wish you great joy.

Saija said...

i love it when the Lord remembers our dreams ... and surprises us with them down the road ... yup, down that road we continue to travel with Him, who redeemed us!

as for a fav tv show ... i like the beach scenery of Lost ... not so much the walking in the jungles part!