Friday, May 09, 2008

More Ideas

You can't read Mary Jane without becoming inspired by her ideas. And so here are some more ideas I've played with this past week.

At our new little farm I'd love to have an occasional (twice a year?)weekend gathering of women who I could take back to the 1940's with me. Well, you know... they could come to my house from near or from far and we could wear calico or gingham aprons and bake from scratch and listen to Big Band Era music. We could totally avoid present-day news and instead, watch old black and white movies while curling each others' hair and eating the desserts we baked.

We could take long walks past more 1800's homes and farms then return and putter in the garden. Or climb around in the barn. Or set pretty tables outside with cloths and glass jars of flowers and eat potato salad and sandwiches and chat in sunshine.

We could sit in the shade and browse through 1930's homemaking magazines and share old-fashioned dreams which we have for our futures or share about we are in our lives-- empty-nesters, single women or mommies still in the trenches.
We could gather eggs from chickens, redecorate a room, make crafts and take photos or naps. We could sweep up our hair into pony tails and scarves then stroll down to the Malt Shoppe for ice cream and 1950's music.

So does that sound like a fun weekend to anyone? I'm all dreamy-eyed just rolling it all around inside my head.


nancyr said...

Sounds Heavenly to me!

A gathering of kindred spirits would be so much fun.

jar said...

That does sound like a fun, restore the soul, weekend.

mizsuzee said...

This sounds like heaven!!! Count me in! :-)

Ann said...

Count me in too! Make sure you have a cd player (one like an old radio would be fabulous) so I can bring my old time radio show CDs! We can listen to Burns and Allen, My Favorite Husband, Bob Hope, The Great Gildersleave, and my favorite Fibber McGee and Molly and more!! I haven't had a chance to stop by lately but I'm so glad you've moved into your dream. Mine will happen someday I'm sure! Thanks for sharing yours with me.

Pearl said...

Sounds so girly and wonderful! Yes it would be heaven. I love your life, and you have inspired me to follow my dreams. It's very much like yours. So instead of the newer home we were invisioning we figured out its a farm we want, where we can get away from prying eyed neighbors and have solitude. Were going for it! Thanks for inspiring me to do this with your blog. I'll continue to watch and read your blog. Congrats to your life. Lifes to short not to follow your dreams. Thanks Pearl