Friday, May 09, 2008

There are some people who enjoy being opposite of those around them sometimes.

I am one of those people.

For one thing, I love long tv commercial breaks. Why on Earth? Because the longer the break, the more time I have to straighten the house. Or wash the dishes. Or vacuum, clean the bathroom, make the beds.

I don't quite understand it myself, but I enjoy cleaning the house during commercial breaks, especially in the mornings.Perhaps because then it doesn't actually feel like I am cleaning and it all gets done almost by magic. Or maybe it's because of my ADD and procrastination sides and needing more pressure to get things done (as I explained here). I enjoy the Beat The Clock-ness of it all.

And the high price of gas? Well, (promise you won't scream), but I'm liking that, too. Not since I got my driver's licence 27 years ago have I done sooo much walking. Nearly everyday I walk up to our local shopping center or down to the local mini-mart or coffee shop in the 1800's train car, running all those errands on foot--getting healthier and increasing my stamina--and saving all that money in gas. And that is greener.

I'm rejoicing in the lovely clothesline here at our rental--all those clothes getting dried for free! (Not that I use a dryer in the winter, just wooden racks, but the clothesline dries clothes faster.) And that is greener, too.

And Tom and I are trying to eat-out less, and well, that's healthier. We're being more careful to turn out lights and save our errands up to run them together--and that's greener. And spending less money on extras--and that's just common sense.

Yes, I'm enjoying being opposite.... trying to see all these skyrocketing prices as a fun challenge while many other people are worrying, swearing and panicking.

Always, we can let hard times make us or break us. Always, there's a choice. And always, we can stay prepared for whatever may happen down the road so that we'll be ready for whatever is waiting for us down there.

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