Thursday, May 08, 2008

I think God gave me a marvelous idea, or rather, He reminded me about Kelly's marvelous idea from years ago. I mean, I was thinking about our farmhouse (what else?) and wanting to, somehow, make it a get-away retreat for burned-out Christians. You know, for those who are preached at every Sunday and told that unless they strain and work themselves into early graves while telling the whole wide world about Jesus, they are big, fat spiritual losers and gigantic disappointments to God.

(You think I'm exaggerating about such sermons?)

It's for those dear, misguided souls, especially, that I'd love to provide a serene, tranquil experience upon green farm-like acres, gifting them some hours out there to sit beside Jesus and discover how and who He really is... the passionate lover of their souls.

Already I can picture a chair placed here, there, far out in our green fields, providing places of rest and renewal. Places within circles of flowers and silence... places where people can just be. Be content. Be at peace. Be with Him.

And it was that mind picture which reminded me of Kelly's original post from long ago--here. When I first read it, I came away changed... and I am thinking perhaps you will, too.


My all-time favorite 'Kelly post'? You'll find it here.

... He leadeth me beside the still waters... He restoreth my soul... from Psalm 23.

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Valerie - Still Riding said...

Thank you, I needed that.

He is my friend, that one who loves us all.