Sunday, May 04, 2008

I guess Tom and I had such a marvelous time on his birthday a week ago that we nearly repeated the whole day yesterday. Yard sales, estate sales, eating out for lunch and seeing an old-fashioned-like movie (Leatherheads) at the old-fashioned theater. (Great movie except for the occasional naughty word. Very reminiscent of Cary Grant-style romantic comedies with a bit of Disney sports movie thrown in.)

But my favorite part of our day? That was the part where I raced through a rainy parking lot into the huge supermarket to search for Mary Jane. Her long (long!) awaited magazine, that is, the one which I called Barnes and Noble about last week and was told they didn't have it. Well, you can imagine my audible gasp (probably scared the lady standing next to me) when I spied Mary Jane there on the shelf! Hooray! A new issue of Mary Jane always makes for a memorable holiday-esque event around my house.

And this latest issue is amazing. Perhaps the best issue ever(!), it has tons of personal stories by other kindred spirit farmgirls and amazing photos, also. And now since Mary Jane has handed over the publishing of her magazine to someone else, issues will come out way more regularly than one every year or so. (Just picture me happy dancing my way out to the car yesterday then, once inside, yahooing to Tom. Truly a day to celebrate.)

The only problem? I can just read a few pages at a time before I become even more feverish and bonkers to begin my new life out at our own tiny farm. Will this month never end?

And yet (I forgot to tell you) I have seedlings begun in little yogurt containers all across my kitchen windowsill and inside my small greenhouse on our counter. I'm babying those plants--keeping a lamp beside them and carrying the ones from the windowsill to the greenhouse so they can warm up in the mornings. And loving watching all those seeds growing... and dreaming of the day I will plant them in my new huge garden.

Anyway, if you are at all a farmgirl or farmguy at heart... if you'd like to discover others who actually understand your farmlife yearnings... you will love, treasure and devour the new issue of Mary Jane's Farm Magazine. I promise.
Favorite Mary Jane links:
And Here. Lots of incredible essays under 'past listings.'


daisydreamer said...

Your anticipation is contageous!!! I almost feel like I'm moving with you.

Judy said...

Oh! I've been looking for Mary Jane, I must go get one too!

Anonymous said...

I've been anxiously waiting for this to come out. I was searching her site last week to see if there was a new issue. I'll be out later looking of this!


Anonymous said...

I got it Tuesday night and read 1/3 of it already. I am savoring it. Big changes, hey? My husband told me to subscribe so the card went in the mail the yesterday.

Robin in New Jersey

Judy said...

I finally found it.

I've subscribed.