Friday, September 07, 2007

Yard Sale Finds

Four years ago I spied an old Mother's Oats box at an estate sale and was, strangely, enchanted (having never heard of Mother's Oats). This week I finally bought one of my own at a yard sale for $3. So cool (though don't ask me to explain why it still enchants me).

Found this creamer at an estate sale for only $1. I love the ancient brown 'checking' and just looking at it brings old farms and farmhouse mornings to mind.

All this silver was in a box for $5. Just the way I like it--all scuffed up.

My cute Regal coffeepot, a $1 find. I just use it to heat water, of which it does quickly!

This teapot was in the 'free box' at a yard sale. Always check the free box!

I enjoy sharing my yard sale finds so to encourage you that God can scatter tiny (or huge) surprises around for you to find. And He can make them affordable for you, no matter what your financial circumstances. All it requires is trusting--and waiting for Him to do so. And keeping Him first. And slowing down, strolling everywhere with your eyes open wide.


daisymarie said...

What wonderful treasures!!!!

Judy said...

I agree, wonderful treasures!

That oatmeal box enchants me, also!

Me said...

You are so right. And I know you know about curbs. I've made some wonderful curb finds lately. The best was the edgers to use in the garden. The pile I found (free!!) was just enough to edge the entire back yard. That is providential in my opinion.

Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

Lucky you, nothing like a great thrifting day! Love your treasures, And I find the oat box enchanting too! :)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh that creamer is amazing !!! Clarice

Saija said...

you're the gal i need to take to yardsales with me ... i know i miss stuff ... though in our little town, the sales aren't that often ... i wonder if there will be any today ... hmmmm?

loved the pics! blessings on your weekend!