Friday, September 21, 2007

Live Your Life

Want to know one of my all-time, all-time, so-very-favorite tv shows?

Early Edition.

Did you ever see that one? It's the series where Gary Hobson receives tomorrow's newspaper today, so he races around Chicago saving people's lives after reading about their mishaps/accidents/murders in tomorrow's newspaper.

Well poor ol' Gary (the very handsome Kyle Chandler) was usually a nervous wreck because of all that responsibility. Because of all those fast-paced, hurrying-scurrying attempts to rescue the people of his city. Day after day. Adventure after adventure (and often having to risk his own life, as well).

After awhile, that kind of a lifestyle would make anybody a loony, murmuring mess.

But the end of one episode returns to me often. Gary discovered an old trunk which the man, now deceased, who'd had Gary's 'job' for years, had left for him to find. Gary, with his two friends, pried open the large trunk, imagining it was full of answers to the whole early newspaper edition thing. Or treasure maybe.

But instead, a crumpled scrap of paper lay at the bottom with these words scrawled in pencil: "Live your life."

What marvelous advice! It was as though the old man was telling Gary, "In the midst of saving people's lives, don't forget to live your own life. Don't allow your days to pass by without being awake to how you are spending them. And remember to carve out a life of your own... a life apart from what you do. A life apart from who people think you are... apart from people's expectations... a life, well, just apart from the madness. Pay attention before your life, in a blur, is over."

Like I said, I think of that often. And that's why, today, I'll walk, not run, while I feed the birds in the backyard... and wash the dishes... and sit on the porch while I read... and hang wet laundry on my wooden racks... and put away groceries... and clean the house for the potential buyers who'll arrive at noon tomorrow... and I'll enjoy God in the middle of each.

I'll do those everyday tasks and pay attention to their simple lessons, for in each small job there's an education to be gleaned--if we'll listen. And learn. And I'll choose to enjoy it all, rather than enjoy part and resent or just tolerate the rest, missing out on what could have added joy to my day. To my life.



Marty N said...

You're amazing. You've taught me so much about how to live my life and walk with the Lord. Thank you God's teacher.

daisymarie said...

I do remember that show. I didn't watch it when it was on and current. I caught the reruns. Sometimes those annoy me, but other times I'm thankful for the opportunity to catch something I missed first time around. Life is like that some days for me. ")