Saturday, September 08, 2007

Healthy This and That

So Tom and I have been eating organic and making other changes for less than 7 weeks and I've lost 6 lbs. (without trying), I feel tons better, and my friend, Laura, said over lunch yesterday that my skin looked much clearer and had I changed my make-up?

Gotta love that.

I've had way fewer headaches and now if I begin getting a headache I just add a little organic lime juice to a glass of water and drink that. (Read that somewhere.) Or I spray a little arbor oil on a tissue and inhale it (peppermint is supposed to work, too). Or I sit and think happy thoughts. :) All seem to help within minutes. Of course, it would help even more if I'd get prescription reading glasses instead of just using my cheapo Dollar Tree ones for my poor ol' over-40 eyes. But hey.

Want more good news? Dr. Don Colbert, currently my favorite online/tv doctor (one of the few who won't just hand you a bottle of pills, but will urge you to change your diet, instead), had this multiple choice question in my favorite Bible teacher's magazine (I'm writing this from memory):

Which of these has the highest amount of heart-healthy antioxidants?

a. Green tea
b. Coffee
c. Hot chocolate

Of course, I thought it was yicky old green tea, but no! Dr. Colbert said it was hot chocolate. Hooray! (And another reason he is my favorite doctor. heh.) He said it's the dark chocolate in it which is good, but skip the milk fat and sugar, which are bad.

Well alas, for weeks I've been making a morning drink in which I do just that. I add a bit of pure baking cocoa to hot water, along with vanilla, one packet of Stevia and a splash of organic carob soy milk which I use like cream. After experimenting, I've come up with a not-bad-at-all morning hot drink. And just skipping the powdered cappuccino mix I used for years is probably why I've lost half the weight, since the mix was mostly all sugar.

So on top of all I have happening in my Life at this moment, I've been piecing together a whole new diet, of which I'm only half-way finished figuring-out. And yet, it's fun to learn new things.... it's marvelous to feel an energetic 20-years-old again... it's fantastic to have weight fall off. And it's great to see favorable results in so few weeks.


Tara said...

good for you! We have been wanting to do that too but are finding it terribly difficult- we live in a super small town in the middle of nowhere and there is nowhere to buy organic anything!

Rodney Olsen said...

Well done!

We're coming into Spring now and so it's time for a Spring Clean of our bodies. :)

I need to go on a 'Detox Diet' sometime very soon to start losing weight and start feeling better.

Debra said...

Tara--thanks for giving me fodder for my next post! :)
Rodney--oh, I know... the detox thing! I need to do that, too. How nice that you are facing Springtime... we are coming upon Autumn which, yes, is my favorite season, but we all know what comes after! Winter--*so not* my favorite season. :)

Thanks for your comments! Blessings, Debra