Saturday, November 11, 2006

News From My Home Front

I had an amazing week at Ebay... I won 6 vintage aprons for, postage included, just $8. One is even a Christmas apron, of which I had none in my collection, and well, for whatever reasons, I am actually feeling Christmas-y this year. Usually, well, I lean more toward being a humbug, though always, I love Christmas movies and books. But already I bought nice Christmas plates for Christmas dinner over at Dollar Tree and a vintage Christmas tablecloth at a junk shop I walked to down the street. Total for all? $6. Big spender, I know.

My other incredible Ebay auction win? A bunch of hard cover Anne Emery books, including two of the Dinny Gordon's I didn't have. Yes, a whole box of lovely old 1960's (mostly) Anne Emerys for only, postage included, $31. I drove around the Net this morning and priced what I would have paid had I bought them all separately and came up with a very conservative price of $133 after shipping.

Can you see me happy dancing?

More news from my home front...Remember how I told you I've always loved the show, The Waltons, since it first aired while I was in Jr. High? And remember how I told you that Tom is always looking at power plant jobs in other states? Well, this week he was offered a job in Richmond, Virginia.

Oh my. Now there is a state I would move to! And just think... I could finally visit the mecca for all us Waltonites-- Schuyler, the homeland of the real Walton family-- the Hamners.

Tom and I sat together at the computer and looked at real estate in Richmond's suburbs and it was actually sane price-wise, especially considering that their taxes, compared to ours here, are well, practically non-existent. And there were many, many houses I liked. Tom is considering flying down there next week to check everything out. Absolutely nothing is written in concrete yet, so please don't start picturing us living there. As I mentioned before, we go through this sort of thing often--Tom's veins having been infused with gypsy blood somewhere along the way.

So now I just need to get it out of my head that the areas around Richmond will look exactly as they were portrayed in The Waltons, because of course, a lot changes in 70 years.

But then, as in my area here, a lot can stay the same, too.

P.S. Linda K.... Could you please email me at Thanks.

And Elizabeth--I had been a bit worried about you and I was so glad to see your comment and to hear it had been your computer with the problem, and not you. :)

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