Saturday, November 18, 2006


Yesterday was different. Tom got home from working all night, went to bed, then I got him up a bit after noon, he got ready, then drove us, by way of the New York State thruway, to the airport so he could fly to Richmond for the weekend.

Unless it's a dire, can't-escape-it emergency, I never, ever, myself, drive behind-the-wheel over the New York State thruway. No way. Nope. Forget it.

No, when I drive people to the airport, I take my Secret Back Way. The Back Way is longer, gobbles-up lots more time, there are tons of traffic lights, and it's often much more crowded with cars, yes, but! Those cars are driving slower. Crowded traffic is one thing, but crowded, speeding-recklessly-past-you traffic is quite another. At least to me. Besides, my Secret Back Way does, eventually, have a lovely stretch of woods (though this time of year, they resemble the looming, scary woods of The Village) and a quiet road and old houses and I always feel my shoulders relax when I reach that part. It means I am nearly home.

So yesterday there I was in those heaps of traffic, at only 1:30 in the afternoon, yet it looked and felt like 5:00 because of the clouded, dark, dark skies and because I'd not gotten much sleep the night before. I pulled off from the slow madness, into the Target parking lot (packed with cars) and parked rather far away. Once inside, oh my, people scrambled everywhere and it felt like Christmas, but not the good part of Christmas, if you know what I mean. I went inside only to look for the dvd version of Miracle on 34th Street (the 1947 version, but of course) because I gave away my taped version, procrastinated all year ordering the dvd, and I always, always watch that movie while making Thanksgiving dinner in our kitchen. I will be alone for 12 hours, again, on Thanksgiving Day, so while I am cooking, I like to have movie friends in the kitchen with me.

Well, Target, like everywhere else I'd look, didn't have that dvd, most likely because a new version is set to be released next week. So in the midst of all the noise, lots of it happy noise, thankfully, I decided to stop searching store shelves for it and just order it online. Which is what I should have done in the first place. But I did find some plastic sleeves for those binders I'm always making and telling you about, binders which keep me organized, inspire me to decorate my house and keep me sane at Christmas (like I mentioned in Christmas For Dummies here).

Then I walked back out into the dark, dark afternoon and continued driving home, except that I didn't go home, I drove, instead, twenty minutes later, to our (also-crowded) town library (was there no school yesterday?) where hooray! I found a tape of Miracle on 34th Street, as well as another Christmas movie and various old tv series dvd's. While Tom is away, I will be major-ly, major-ly cleaning our house--tearing it all apart in that good, clean-it-deep-down way, and these movies and shows will help to pass the time pleasantly.

It's good for me to get out into the Real World like that. To be reminded of what it is like and who is all out there. I even, as I drove along, had a debate with myself as to what the Real World actually is. Is it my (or your) daily version of Life that makes up our own Real World? Or is the Real World a huge combination of everything, good, bad, and ugly which is taking place all over the planet? Or are they both the same? I never did decide.

So this weekend I will be cleaning my house in case Tom arrives back home all antsy to sell our house and move to Virginia. Or maybe just because it needs to be cleaned anyway or because I need a big project while Tom's away and this is all I can think of. But it's a good project... I may even paint a couple walls which need touching-up. Who knows? All I know is that I'm looking forward to cleaning this old place which I've called home for 13 mostly-wonderful years. It's the least I can do to show my thanks.

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