Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It Blows My Mind

It saddens me when people become discouraged because they can't help tons of people... as though with God it's all about a numbers game.

The way I see it, He's more into obedience.

He knows what I am able to do with His help and what I, as well, cannot do, given my circumstances, talents, abilities, disabilities or callings. In fact, He's had a plan for me since even before I was born.

And it blows my mind that any day of any week I can, just from my own home, use my online credit card and spend part of my allowance on a gift for a friend, even someone I've never met before. It amazes me that it's only in giving that I receive... and that I can have Christmas all year 'round!

It amazes me that I can listen while people speak to me (or read what they write in their blog) and then buy or make them something they mentioned, in passing, that they would like. Even if it's something I already own, but I know they would enjoy it, too.... it amazes me I can share my stuff with anyone.

And it blows my mind when God tells me to walk down to the crowded, dilapidated junk shop nearby and buy a little something from the guy who runs it, just to help keep him in business. What a fun errand!

It delights me that 6 days of the week I can mail a paper greeting card to anyone nearly anywhere... a card to encourage them, wish them healing or birthday blessings or just remind them that they are loved by me, but more importantly, by God, Himself.

It amazes me that any hour of the day I can leave comments with encouraging words on peoples' blogs or send email which might lend a little comfort... It boggles my mind that I can contact people so very, very far away.

It blows my mind that while shopping at the supermarket I can smile at people and say hello and perhaps make their day--the way people made mine during my depression-filled Nevada Years when I walked around desperate for even a smile from anyone.

It amazes me that giving to others makes me so darn happy!

And it delights and amazes me that all of these things please God and bless and delight His heart, too.... and that He can let me know when and where and how to bless others so clearly, that He ends up getting the credit because the timing was simply too perfect for just me to have figured it out on my own.

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