Monday, December 30, 2013

Trust: Full of Headaches or Hope?

Since I'm still feeling in vacation mode, here's a post from July of 2006, ok? :)

Yesterday while I walked all across Blogland during the big Home Tour, I came across a Christian woman who was all in a dither. Bees buzzed inside her bonnet because of the current Mid-East crisis, and s

he was troubled and mad that all the rest of us in Blogland were not troubled and mad. She'd visited some of our blogs and scoffed that we spoke of trivial things, instead, and now she felt even more sick than ever because of us.

And ok, there is that. There is choosing to view Life that way and peering at the rest of us as clueless morons if we don't join you in becoming sick with worry. And there is such a thing as believing oneself more spiritual if one always has a headache, a heartache and an I'll-take-you-down sermon.

And if that's your idea of being truly spiritual, well, go for it. Go in God.

But as for me and my house, we will lift our head because our redemption draws nigh, more nigh than ever before. We'll not dash around in panic just because the world is going exactly according to plan as written in the Bible, but rather, we'll use these times to get out our Bibles and read them for God's perspective.

We'll pray for Jerusalem and those who stand against her, we'll give money, comfort and hope to various places where God leads and we'll trust that He's just as mighty and in-control as He ever was.

And in drawing closer to God as we watch The Times, we will come away refreshed, renewed and excited about the days in which we are living--days when one can see all of History being brought to an adventurous close.

We'll laugh and trust as children walking beside their Father with their hand in His and sing down paths with His joy unspeakable and full of glory...

... and keep on singing, even when we've discovered--oh my!--we've stepped across the very threshold of Light-filled Heaven.


"You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You."


We decide where we'll travel inside our heads.


Elizabeth said...

Love it Debra! I am finding that life is just getting sweeter and sweeter!

Pam B said...

Perspective is powerful! Debra, thanks for reminding us that we get to choose how we think. Wishing you God's best in 2014!