Thursday, December 26, 2013

This Latest UPS and Fed Ex Fiasco

Happy Day After Christmas!
"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." ... Luke 6:45

Only sometimes do I comment upon current news stories, and well, this is one of those sometimes.

I mean, did you hear how people went all ballistic with hate tweets because UPS and Fed Ex, due to historic weather woes (and making some wild, we're-overreaching-here-can't-you-tell? promises), couldn't deliver their Christmas gifts on time?

Where do I begin?

Weren't the people who're screaming that delivery companies ruined (ruined?) their Christmas, the same ones purring just last week that Christmas is all about being with family?

Aren't they the same folks decrying Christmas commercialism? The ones (probably) repeating to their children, "Sweeties, Christmas is about much more than just presents."?

And aren't they the folks who, quite likely, procrastinated buying gifts and didn't wisely allow for the extra delivery time needed every single December? 

(I saw this sign in an old, old key maker's shop 30 years ago:  "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.")

Who we truly are as people is found in what dribbles out when we are s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d. 

Yes, basically, we are dribble.

Either gross yellow mucous dribble like complaints, threats, whinings, promises of revenge, unforgiveness and angry tears of disappointment 


Clear, twinkling dribble of acceptance, learned patience, real smiles, remembering what is true and trusting that God is still God and He will makes things right.

So what kind of dribble are you, am I, today? I hope we're all dribbling the clear, refreshing stuff. Everywhere, upon everyone.

No, really.  :)


And for the record, Tom and I had the most relaxing, calm Christmas, ever. This doing 'Christmas Lite' totally works for us and for Naomi, too.

Oh, and one of the gifts I sent to my mom and one I sent to Naomi didn't arrive in time (my fault--I should have ordered sooner). But never fear... the dribble from each of us ran clear and twinkling and Christmas still felt very blessed, indeed.. :)


It's time to unpack this Bible verse from its too-tiny box:

 " ... not many of you should become teachers, because we know that we teachers will be judged more strictly."   ... James 3:1

Are you a parent? Then your children are learning from you and you are a teacher.

Are you a co-worker? Then your co-workers are watching how you react and behave ... and you are teaching them.

Are you a neighbor? Someone standing in the check-out lane at the store? A friend? A church member? A relative? A blogger? A Facebook or Twitter friend? ...

... then you are a teacher, for each of us watches. We learn all sorts of data from each other. Every day.

"Peace be unto you...."



Anonymous said...

Yea, we cannot get upset when we did things too slowly can we? And maybe these businesses will learn not to make promised quite so glibly in future...isn't the delivery free if it is late? That ought to make it sweeter!! HA! Well, it is a good chance too, to see if it truly is the thought that counted! We gave up on the large family gatherings years ago, for many reasons...tis easier on our kids and grandkids we think, by not demanding OUR TURN, as well as letting the other side of the house have ALL the holidays. Yea, they invited us to some, but twas obvious it was much harder on our son and the children, so we stepped aside. And now we no longer keep much of those holidays anymore either, for other all works out in the end...a much calmer, easier life to not care what the date is when getting together. With hubby and I, it never is THE DATE, and we are happier actually with other days and times...then they see you when they are more relaxed and the children really can enjoy themselves fully!! We gave them their gifts for this year, the 21st. I highly recommend this choice to others facing same.
Elizabeth in NC

Nan said...

As always, you are (as the Brits say) spot on!

Echoes From the Hill said...

My thoughts, exactly. I've even heard news reports about "Class Action lawsuits" over gifts not received on time. We have become such a litigious society, and such whiners.

I love the sign about one's lack of planning, not being someone else's fault.

My step-son is a UPS driver, and he and every other driver were working hours overtime every day to get deliveries made. The law only allows them to work up to 14 hours a day. That sounds like way too many hours to safely do the job.

One woman, I saw interviewed, was saying that Christmas was ruined because her child's gift didn't arrive on time. Maybe next year she will order earlier. Or, she could have explained that a very special gift was going to arrive in the next few days, and it will be so much fun to watch for it.
Attitude, attitude, attitude!