Sunday, December 15, 2013

Debra's 2013 One Night Out

Oh my goodness. 

Only one evening of the year do I typically go out to an event and of course--on my one night this year--it had to be the snowiest, most-treacherous-for-driving night of 2013. Gah.

You should have seen me. Well, no you shouldn't have. Leaning forward in the passenger seat, stiff, trying to help Tom drive (he appreciated that. Not.) and trying to pray and hearing God say, "Gracious! Relax. Remember what I've taught you," all the while realizing I was failing this test and thus would be required to re-take it some future day.

Great. Just great.

Well. After what felt like the Donner Party trip all over again, we made it to the Pierce Arrow Museum in downtown Buffalo where Tom's company's holiday party was held (Tom was instructed not to say 'Christmas' yet the boss' wife said "Merry Christmas," a bazillion times. So there.). You would see a couple photos of Tom and me except that we both look enormous so you'll have to wait until we each drop 20 pounds. Good luck with that.

Anyway. The party was fine and I must have shaken 40 hands which, actually, felt pleasant. Tom's co-workers and spouses all smiled a lot and seemed kind and our more than 3 hours there didn't drag. Of course, there was the usual loud music which drowned out what any of us tried to say, but hey, you get used to that. Besides,  dusting-off your lip-reading skills can be fun.

But too soon, it came time to again brave the windy 13 degrees and snow and to scrape the car windows then try to buckle our seatbelts with shivering (gloved) hands. Then we were back out on that treacherous thruway and I prayed and promised God all sorts of things, such as, I'll never leave my house again and if He got us home safely, I'd even kiss the living room carpet.

And He did. And I did. Literally kiss the carpet, that is. And boy, am I joyful-out-of-my-mind to be back home.

And thus ended Debra's One Night Out of 2013.


Recently Tom and I discovered Chuck at Netflix and wow... ! A show with a perfect mix of comedy and sappy sentiment--my favorite combination for tv comedy. How rare to find that(!) We're halfway through the 2nd season already. Adam Baldwin's part, especially, cracks me up--a big-time NSA agent working undercover at the Buy More. Delightful.

Last night after risking our lives arriving home, we watched an episode of Chuck so to calm my nerves. It did. Must be a case of God working in mysterious ways. heh.


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Julie said...

We also hit the company Christmas party this weekend! Put on a party dress for the first time in years! Enjoyed the event, and the weather was ok. It sure is nice to have companies to work for- a Blessing indeed!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you made it home safely and enjoyed the party!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the evening and home safely!! What a relief it must have been!!
Elizabeth in NC

Bonnie said...

Oh, you lived through the perfunctory Christmas party! Good for another year. Congratulations.