Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today I Wished I Was Eighty-Years-Old

Really, I did. Wished I was 80, that is.

Why in the world?? Since you'd never, ever guess, I will tell you.

You know how, when folks reach 80 or 85 and especially 90 or 95, younger people say, "Oh, if he wants to eat salami sandwiches and soda pop every single day (or eat pizza or Frito's or smoke cigars), why, just let him! He's gotten himself to a ripe old age and he deserves to eat whatever he wants."?

Well, I wished I was 80-years-old so that I could eat a hamburger basket every single day of the week.

I love hamburger baskets. Tom and I get take-out from a local 'hole in the wall' place around every 8 or 9 days, or so, and always (always!) I tell Tom, "Order me a hamburger basket." (Though most times, he doesn't even ask me what I want anymore.)

A hamburger basket comes with a simple little hamburger and everything on it (no cheese though. Cheese makes my head explode--not a pleasant sight.) It also comes with French fries, bottled water (well, that's what I choose though I'm always tempted by the soda instead!), two tiny envelopes of salt and three small packages of ketchup. And this delightful meal costs only around $2.50. (Note: No! It went up to $3.25. Alas.)

Tom brings home my hamburger basket and his always-something-different food and we sit in the living room and watch something mindless from Netflix. Lately it's been the old tv series, Hunter, though recently we switched to the niftier Rockford Files.

Brain-sucking tv and a hamburger basket! If I was 80-years-old I could get away with that every day of the week. And I'd be deliriously happy.

Oh, if only I was 80! :)



Rita said...

Another netflix fun watch is McClouds Daughters. It has many series. We suggested our library get the DVD's and they bought 3 series so we'll see how our town likes them. Enjoy your hamburger basket! If it helps at all I could eat the same way every day. :)

Roger Crassi said...

Debra, I just weighed in this morning and learned I had gained back 7# that I had recently lost. But I really did not need the scale to reveal it to me :-) I enjoyed your post today. In 10 more years I won't have to worry about it any more. I think that maybe 80 year olds are then given a special dispensation. Thanks!

Unknown said...

That's what we say about my Aunt Katie who is 102 and should be able to decide what she eats or drinks whenever she wants.

Pat said...

That's what I used to tell my mother when she was eighty years old, but she never bought it. She stayed very diciplined till her last days. I really would have loved to see her dive into a dish of ice cream, which she loved, without a single care, but that never happened. Theres a good lesson in there somewhere!
Enjoy your burger in a least once in a while!

Mary said...

You reminded me of a time when I was in a care-planning meeting for my 105 year old, 88lb grandmother. The nutritionist complained that all she would eat was ice cream and potato chips. Well duh- let her!