Sunday, March 20, 2011

On The Couch--Again

----No, not the psychiatrist's couch. heh. But, if things don't shape up around here soon, maybe.  シ

Nah, it's this pulled rib muscle that I got from two weeks' worth of coughing. I tried to ignore it, rearranged some furniture, picked up downed branches outside, pruned the rose bush, but the pain is not going away.

So. Today I gave in. All annoyed, I went to the cabinet and yanked out our back brace, wrapped it around me, grabbed my warm red blanket, plopped down (gingerly) on the couch and told Tom I give-up. Although I've so anticipated Springtime and even though Galen and Donna from Fallon are coming to visit (after all these 18 years--woo hoo!) in the middle of May, I just must take this week off. On the couch, doing very, very little.

Blech. Of all the advice I read online, one word popped up on each website--rest. Rest, rest, rest.

Phooey. Rest, schmest. But it's necessary. Wise. And besides, I'm tired of walking around here all bent over like an old lady, inching along, hand over my rib.

We all have hard times in our lives and this past month has been one of the hardest for me that I ever remember. One thing after another---blow, blow, blow after blow. 

But with each blow, God has been faithful, here at my side, never stepping out of the room even for a bite of lunch. No, here, always encouraging--and trust me, He's had to do overtime encouraging this month. Rarely have I been so tempted to just sink beneath it all, to chuck all I've learned and complain my tired head off.

But! This, too, shall pass and all will be well--in time. But only if I slow down, breathe and remember that the world will still spin without my help.


The good news is that 98% of my coughing is gone. Thank God. Literally.


P.S. In my comments, Tracy said I may have knocked my rib out of place--and she may be right! After a few hours in the back brace, I've felt the majority of the pain now moving to my back, instead, and hey! I'm actually quite happy about that. I can handle back pain. I'm familiar with back pain. Back pain goes away once I get my ol' bones in line again. Whew. So now I'm seeing some lovely light at the end of the tunnel.... hallelujah!


Unknown said...

The cough is always the last thing to go. Take "care" of yourself & give yourself time to fully heal. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

Tracy said...

It could be that your rib popped out of place. That hurts like the dickens, but a chiropractor can fix it.

Rest certainly won't hurty it though. I do hope you feel better soon, Debra!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk... Debra, when will you learn that pain is a signal, from your bod? Grrrrr... Do I have to come over there and spank you! :-)))) Pain... Means.... Something... Is.... Hurt.... And.... Needs .... Time... to.... Heal.

There! Your dose of "Tough Love" because everyone else will just say they are sorry you are hurt and hope you feel better soon. I DO TOO, of course. But........... -sigh- You gotta', gotta', gotta' stop with the... "I am still 21 and can make mind-over-matter work."

"Auntie" sezzzzzzzzz... :-)

And "Auntie" also sezzzzzzzzzzz...
Gentle hugs, and ♥...