Thursday, March 03, 2011

Getting Sniffles Out Of The Way

Ack. I bypassed telling you yesterday that some of Tom's flu symptoms marched across the living room to me on Tuesday. 

They began then, anyway, but I was so grateful for Tom's haircut being planned for Tuesday, not Wednesday because 1.) We were nearly totally out of groceries so I needed to go with him and 2.) By Wednesday I knew I'd be a sniffling, coughing mess.

I was.

But Tuesday at the supermarket went extremely well, what with all those coupons I used and with our running into old former church friends we'd not seen in 11 years (!), catching up with them in the meat section (I did most of the talking since poor ol' Tom can barely speak without coughing). I told them about our farm, etc., for they'd not heard we moved in 2008--they still pictured us living squeezed between two houses in the burbs.

But I was ever so glad to get back home where, after putting groceries away and heating up lunch, I collapsed on the couch and let the feverishness wash over me. And since then, Tom and I have tried not to speak to each other due to the coughing. We've just kinda grunted and passed the tv remote back and forth.  ツ

But thank-goodness, I've had no sore throat! I hate those, don't you?

The other thing for which I'm grateful? That these symptoms attacked us now, not in the beautiful, early stages of Spring. That would have proven most annoying, what with our aching all winter to be outside. Alas.

So I'll return to my books which I read in bed yesterday while sometimes gazing out the sunny window to our sparkling winter lake and try to finish three I've begun:

Spiderweb For Two: A Melendy Maze by Elizabeth Enright

The Riddle of the Red Whale by Edward Fenton

Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish

The first two are comfort reads, wonderful young adult novels, and the last one was a surprise gift from my lovely online friend, Dolores. How sweet of her to think of me, especially since I've not been able to order books like I used to.

And a special thanks to the sweet woman at Lord, I Want to Be Whole who became my 100th blog follower. I'd been a tad Adrian Monk-ish about that 99 number being there for ever so long. heh.

Addendum: Uh-oh! One of my followers bailed out, so I'm back to 99 again. Oh well.

And to anyone else who's currently sick, hang in there! I feel your pain. Just remember that very soon we all will be outside basking in the wonder, the gift, that is Springtime.



Donetta said...

Good Morning!
Keep warm my friend and my those old cough bug stop bothers you real soon.
You know there are no coincidence in life. Perhaps your old friends might come over when your well for a cup of tea. Perhaps even bring a warm dish for the in-firmed. You never know but know this every moment of your days are within the palm of his hand. I think you know that already :)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You got it too. 'Twas inevitable, I suppose. Rest and get all better.

Gentle hugs...

Dolores said...

Aaaaaw shucks, you didn't have to mention me in your blog. Thanks sweetie. Feel better soon.

Pat said...

Hope both you and Tom are better soon. I've gotten through winter feeling pretty well, but I think not leaving the house much this winter has helped...staying clear of all those germs! LOL!
Consider it a time to rest and read and before you know it, Spring will be here - Oh I can hardly wait!

Patty H. said...

Both of you get better soon. Thankfully I havnt' had it but I hear it is tough!
Patty H.